….On The Run

I’m Stacey, and whether I’m at work (I’m a nurse), pounding the pavement (I’m a runner), or working on my degree I’m always on the go.  I’m starting this blog so my family and friends can keep up if they choose to do so….I’m pretty sure Facebook training and race reports were rather annoying to some.   In no way, shape, or form am I a professional writer, nor do I try to pretend to be.  I just like to share my thoughts on the topics that amuse me.

After following a few running blogs for a couple years, I have decided to start my own.  I had gotten off track (gained 25 lbs-in-2-years -off-track!!) when I was working the night shift and since moving to a new location and starting a new job I have lost almost all of it simply with running and a somewhat healthy diet.  See my before and afters below.



Before: 12/2011  161 lbs                   After: 05/2012   142 lbs

Not a significant weight loss, but I feel healthier.  I’m currently training for the Richmond Half Marathon with my boyfriend, T, who now loves running (I’ll take credit for that!).   My goal is to beat my previous PR of 1:55 (Shamrock Half 2012) with an ultimate goal of sub-1:50.  I also love to cycle (I’ll give T credit for that), and I’m doing my first sprint triathlon in September.

Let the adventures in running (and everything else) begin!


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