Posted in September 2012

This Week’s Workout Schedule

The cold symptoms are (kind of) subsiding, and it’s time to get back into the groove. This weeks scheduled workouts: (Today–Sunday–is supposed to be a lifting day, however, due to the mucous faucet I can’t turn off I’ve decided to just do two sessions this week) Sunday–yoga–pm Monday–yoga–am, lift Tuesday–yoga–am, 3 mile run Wednesday–yoga–am, 3 … Continue reading

To Sum Up the Past Week….

T was sick the first half of the week–and is still somewhat recovering–he was far worse off than I was, I’m currently recovering from a cold mixed with allergies…thank goodness for tea, Children’s Mucinex (I can’t take adult medication and still function), and  soft tissues… No running was done at all this week, but I … Continue reading

A Woman’s Place is in the Weight Room

The title of this post was taken from The New Rules to Lifting for Women, Chapter 10, page 123.  After reading through the book, I’ve decided that this is THE weight lifting plan I’ll be following for the next 6 months and I’m so pumped about it.  Finally, a lifting plan that excites a gal … Continue reading

A Great Run

After a full night of good sleep, I woke up this morning ready to run.  T and I had English muffins and peanut butter with half of a banana then headed to the Yorktown Battlefield for a breezy Saturday morning 8-miler. We actually started at the waterfront, then headed towards the Colonial Parkway, then headed … Continue reading

Charlottesville Camping and BGC Bike Ride

Last weekend T and I headed to Charlottesville for a mini-vacation to camp and participate in the Boys and Girls Club Challenge Bike Ride.  It was a much needed getaway… We packed up the pups and the car and headed out Saturday morning.  It was Delilah’s first time boarding, and Wash went to his regular … Continue reading

Friday in Richmond

Last Friday T and I headed to Richmond to run at Maymont Park and run some pre-camp errands.  We’re always looking for new places to run, and I’m so happy we found this place! HILLS!  Actual, painful, I-need-to-get-myself-stronger HILLS!  There are very few areas down in Hampton Roads with any distance that has hills, so … Continue reading

Reality Checks and a Fail

This past weekend there were THREE major (fitness-related) reality checks, all will be discuss in near-future (as in the next two posts tonight/tomorrow). 1.  I need to put better quality foods in my body for optimum athletic performance and my weight loss goal. 2.  I need to hit the weights–regularly. 3.  I’m not the runner … Continue reading

Pumpkin Bread Treat

With the days growing shorter, the air getting cooler, roadside pumpkin patches popping up, and the return of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, it’s easy to say this is my favorite time of year.  It’s still officially summer for the next 8 days, but it feels like autumn already here in Yorktown. As a treat for … Continue reading

Mini-Vacation Time!

So my vacation officially started last night at 5:30pm when I got off work, but today was filled with errands–a doctor’s appointment for me, a vet appointment for Delilah, homework, and some laundry.  Thanks to T for doing some packing and doing laundry during my appointment this morning 🙂 This is some much needed time … Continue reading

A New Week

Monday marked the start of Richmond Half Marathon training: WEEK 4.  Last week was a complete disaster and I’m almost over it–total running miles last week: 4.  Lame. Last night’s run was lovely.  My lungs felt good, my legs felt even better.  Back (barely) but back under a 9-minute mile pace.  We did 3 miles … Continue reading