Cursed Duck

My boyfriend, T, has been wanting to make this Duck with Blueberry Sauce for awhile now, and he thought my birthday would be a lovely time to do it–he had no argument from me on this whatsoever.  Unfortunately, he had to order the duck from Whole Foods and it would take about one week to get it in, so we planned on having it the following weekend. No problem.  The following weekend, we went to Richmond, which is about 1 hour away from Yorktown where we live.  We didn’t drive up just for the duck, I had dropped my bike off the previous weekend to get serviced at REI and made plans to pick it back up this weekend.  By the time we got back, it was too late and we were too tired to make dinner, so we froze the duck for this weekend, seeing that it was a long weekend and there were TWO opportunities to make and enjoy this lovely meal without worrying about having too much wine and having to go to work the following day.

Yesterday morning, T noticed that the carpet on the other side of the kitchen counter was damp.  Uh oh, which pooch had an accident was the initial thought.  Nope, upon further inspection, the carpet wasn’t just damp, it was SOAKED.  He had maintenance come in a couple months ago to check out a cabinet that had a mold problem and it was allegedly repaired, no leak noted by the maintenance man.  Wrong, oh so wrong.



We have a crack in the main pipe in the kitchen.  So all of the laundry, dish washing, water running we’ve been doing has just lead to this major leak and more mold–inside the wall.  T was planning on making the duck last night, instead we welcomed the apartment complex supervisor and a maintenance woman into our apartment around 5:30 pm.

After the assessment, we gave up on the duck, packed up the dogs, and headed to Chipotle.  I have only eaten there once before and forgot how huge the burritos are.  I got a chicken burrito with everything on it, then we headed home and ate dinner in bed while waiting for the emergency maintenance people to arrive.  Fortunately, they came after we finished eating.  Two huge fans were plugged in and I got the worst sleep ever last night, good thing it was a holiday weekend, meaning no work on Monday 🙂

As I type, T is currently prepping the Duck with Blueberry Sauce!  Let’s hope this drama ends well…


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