The Kitchen Drama Comes to a Close

I came home to this on Tuesday afternoon.  It was accompanied by what smelled like an entire barrel of bleach that was just dumped in the wall.  Hello headache, sorry legs, no running that night.  I woke up the following morning with a cough and wheezing from the excessive mold inside the wall.  Yay for horrible allergies.

Yesterday was better, since I came home to a patched up wall which was nice.  The smell had almost totally gone away and my lungs didn’t hurt that bad so T and I went for our planned four mile run on the Yorktown waterfront.  I say planned, because after 1.5 miles, my breathing was awful any my chest hurt, so we went for 2 and called it a night.  Hey, at least I got out there huh?

Yay!  Today I came home to new cabinets and an almost completed project (they just need to paint the other side of the wall.  T and I put our kitchen back together, my lungs are feeling better.  The day ended well.

So thus concludes the drama in the kitchen.  SO happy everything is put back in it’s place.


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