Back to Running

Week three of half marathon training came to a halt this week when the mold from the water damage set up camp in my lungs.  I woke up Tuesday morning with a tightness in my chest and slight wheezing, so we decided to just make Tuesday a rest day instead of running three miles.  I woke up even worse on Wednesday morning after the giant hole was cut into our wall the previous day, more wheezing, more coughing and tightness, but I felt better after being at work all day so we decided to head to the waterfront and try for the scheduled four miles.  I made it two, I’m sure T could’ve kept going but he stopped with me.  Now that things are repaired, I’m ready to start hitting the pavement again, along with my inhaler and a dose of Claritin.

We’re picking up on tomorrow’s scheduled run–a six-mile “long run.”  It will a be a long slow run, but I’m set on doing the full six.  We’ll be heading up to Williamsburg after work tomorrow evening, it’s the best place to run around here for long runs.  Less traffic, less air pollution, and just beautiful.

Another update:  I’ve decided to back out of the sprint triathlon on Sunday.  I’m not as prepared as I want need to be for this, and honestly, I’m not to excited about swimming in the James River.  I will do a tri one day, just need to be better prepared.  I was disappointed at first, then realized, who cares?  There are plenty of tri’s out there—in fact, I’m already looking at two all-female events for next year…to be posted at a later date when I actually decide which one to do!

For now, it’s off to do some yoga (on a dvd) and catch of on the Daily Show from last night.  Happy (almost) weekend!


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