Farmer’s Market Morning

This was a much needed relaxing weekend.  I finished all of my homework on Friday afternoon, and to be honest, both T and I were so tired after work on Friday there was no running at all.  Definitely a lazy day.  Saturday morning we woke up around 7am (no alarm sound–thank goodness), took the dogs for a walk at the waterfront and got some farmer’s market shopping done.

Delilah is the Lab mix on the left, Wash is the Bernese on the right.  Wash makes Delilah look puppy-sized!

We walked about 1 mile each way, up the the Yorktown Victory Center and back down to the market.  The dogs LOVE this walk.


Delilah got her first dip in the water!  She seemed to enjoy it but we had be on our way because it was starting to get a bit hot out for the pups, and when she started drinking the water T warned me that she may have a little bowel issues later on in the day–not something I was interested in cleaning up.  So, we headed to the market.  Note the hiking boots below—it’s the break-in period 🙂


At the market we picked up some tomatoes and peaches for the week, and some homemade treats for the dogs–Pumpkin treats!



The market only has a few more regular Saturdays, then it goes to one Saturday a month.  Happy to see Autumn arrive, but sad to see the market and all of the fresh, local produce go!


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