A New Week

Monday marked the start of Richmond Half Marathon training: WEEK 4.  Last week was a complete disaster and I’m almost over it–total running miles last week: 4.  Lame.

Last night’s run was lovely.  My lungs felt good, my legs felt even better.  Back (barely) but back under a 9-minute mile pace.  We did 3 miles in a neighborhood called Kiln Creek–a cookie-cutter-housed-we-never-want-to-live-anyplace-like this neighborhood, but it is one of the safest places to run at night.  We did 3 miles in 26:59 (8:59/mile) with negative splits.  It felt so good!

We started this week with a new workout dvd challenge: Exhale: Core Fusion 30-Day Sculpt.  We’ll be doing this for 31 days (because we’ll miss Sunday’s workout due to camping!!), usually in the morning.  I like a structured workout plan, it gives me something to look at and see what I have completed.  I chose this particular dvd because I was looking for a yoga-pilates-strength fusion workout that I could do in the morning before work, and the reviews on Amazon were great.

Here’s how it works: The dvd is divided into 4 weeks of workouts, which is then divided into 6 workouts per week–leaving one day for rest.   We have completed workouts 1-3, and tomorrow will be the rest day.  These 20-minute workouts are intense, but hopefully *fingers crossed* effective.

I took some measurements on Sunday so I can do some comparisons after the 31 days:

Weight: 143 (holy plateau)

BMI:  23.4

Body Fat (as per my scale):  24.2%

Muscle (as per my scale):  36.3%

Waist:  30 inches

Low waist (around navel):  35.5 inches

Hips:  38 inches

Along with running and eating a bit better (less sweets), I’m hoping to see reductions in all categories…except muscle percentage of course.


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