Mini-Vacation Time!

So my vacation officially started last night at 5:30pm when I got off work, but today was filled with errands–a doctor’s appointment for me, a vet appointment for Delilah, homework, and some laundry. ย Thanks to T for doing some packing and doing laundry during my appointment this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

This is some much needed time off from work, before the office is about to be way understaffed, but this blog is a happy place…not a place to vent about work. Enough of that already….

T and I are headed to Charlottesville on Saturday for some camping and the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge–we’re attempting to do the 75-miler which would be my longest bike ride to date! ย Very excited for this entire weekend!


We’re going to Richmond tomorrow to get some road/camp snacks from Whole Foods, and a little shopping in Short Pump. ย Oh and getting sandwiches from Coppola’s Deli. ย This place looks amazing (T saw it last time we were in Carytown), and upon reading the menu online, I have already selected my lunch–I’m lookin’ at you Honey Turkey!

Back to homework for now…


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