Mini-Vacation Time!

So my vacation officially started last night at 5:30pm when I got off work, but today was filled with errands–a doctor’s appointment for me, a vet appointment for Delilah, homework, and some laundry.  Thanks to T for doing some packing and doing laundry during my appointment this morning 🙂

This is some much needed time off from work, before the office is about to be way understaffed, but this blog is a happy place…not a place to vent about work. Enough of that already….

T and I are headed to Charlottesville on Saturday for some camping and the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge–we’re attempting to do the 75-miler which would be my longest bike ride to date!  Very excited for this entire weekend!


We’re going to Richmond tomorrow to get some road/camp snacks from Whole Foods, and a little shopping in Short Pump.  Oh and getting sandwiches from Coppola’s Deli.  This place looks amazing (T saw it last time we were in Carytown), and upon reading the menu online, I have already selected my lunch–I’m lookin’ at you Honey Turkey!

Back to homework for now…


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