Friday in Richmond

Last Friday T and I headed to Richmond to run at Maymont Park and run some pre-camp errands.  We’re always looking for new places to run, and I’m so happy we found this place!

HILLS!  Actual, painful, I-need-to-get-myself-stronger HILLS!  There are very few areas down in Hampton Roads with any distance that has hills, so this was a nice little wake up call.  After struggling up the first hill after the Asian garden, I actually had to stop.  It was embarrassing, but I couldn’t breath and my legs were killing me–this was just at the 2-mile marker—it was a long, sloppy, slow run.

Maymont is an estate that has a few different parts to it, my favorite was the Asian garden.



Running across the koi pond on the stepping stones was challenging but fun, they were spaced just far enough that you had to really stretch to get to the next, while keeping your balance as to not fall into the pond.  The fountain staircase (5th picture) was my absolute favorite part of the park.  It is a beautiful staircase with a fountain in the middle.

Then entire estate was lovely.   More pictures below….



We ran 6.3 miles in just over 1 hour, then walked around the park and enjoyed the scenery.  Afterward, we headed to Carytown and had deli sandwiches at Coppola’s Deli.  I had the Honey Turkey, and it was better than I imagined it would be…yes, I know, it’s just a sandwich.  Sorry, no picture, it was devoured before I could take one 😉   After lunch, we split a cannoli.  Yummy.


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