Reality Checks and a Fail

This past weekend there were THREE major (fitness-related) reality checks, all will be discuss in near-future (as in the next two posts tonight/tomorrow).

1.  I need to put better quality foods in my body for optimum athletic performance and my weight loss goal.

2.  I need to hit the weights–regularly.

3.  I’m not the runner I was back in March, likely due to the above numbers 1 & 2.


And a fail…

Exhale: Core Fusion 30-Day Sculpt.  Yep, sleeping in felt so good Friday morning, and there was no way in hell I wanted to do this workout after the sloppy run we had in Richmond.  I’ve decided to stick with yoga on most mornings, and start lifting weights 2-3 days/week.  Another reason–ridiculously fast-paced yoga moves for inexperienced yogis can result in injury–T, in particular, felt like he pulled something in his right shoulder/back after Wednesday’s workout (he’s okay now).

More on the lifting plan this weekend (I’m starting next week).


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