A Great Run

After a full night of good sleep, I woke up this morning ready to run.  T and I had English muffins and peanut butter with half of a banana then headed to the Yorktown Battlefield for a breezy Saturday morning 8-miler.

We actually started at the waterfront, then headed towards the Colonial Parkway, then headed to the Battlefield.  What’s nice about the Battlefield is that there is very minimal traffic, as it is open to cars doing the tour.  For the most part, it’s populated by cyclists, runners, and walkers, which is nice.   Our route doesn’t look like eight, but there was some out-and-back going on too.

What was really surprising, is that this run was a complete 180 from the last Friday’s nightmare run.  No breathing problems, and yes there were some hills, no weak legs, just the kind of running I fell in love with.  The good kind that is actually enjoyable.

Afterwards, we headed to Trader Joe’s for fruit and ingredients for tonight’s dinner: Martha Stewart chicken fricassee, as seen in this month’s Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I was perusing through it at the campground last weekend and saw this delicious recipe, and my lovely T has volunteered to make it 🙂  Last stop was to 7-11 for some ice….because for me, 8+ miles earns an ice bath…yay…

I found out in 2011 that ice baths work very well for me after 8+ miles, and as painful as they are when the ice first hits the water, it’s well worth being able to walk the next day.  I stay in anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes, depending on how I felt.  Today was a 8 minute day.  My ice bath necessities?

1. Ice, obviously.

2. Hot green tea or beer….or both…today’s choice was hot tea.

3. An LVHS (from 11 years ago) soccer hoodie (not pictured, as it is in the laundry…I’m sure a picture will appear on this blog sometime)

I’m low maintenance, as you can see….let the ice bath begin!

My cold, chubby legs were burning at this point (right after T dumped the ice in).  But right now, as I type this post-bath and shower, my legs feel like they can go for another eight.

I was so happy this long run felt like they used to, it really makes up for the failure of last weekend!  Lifting starts tomorrow, will post the details then 🙂


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