A Woman’s Place is in the Weight Room

The title of this post was taken from The New Rules to Lifting for Women, Chapter 10, page 123.  After reading through the book, I’ve decided that this is THE weight lifting plan I’ll be following for the next 6 months and I’m so pumped about it.  Finally, a lifting plan that excites a gal that pretty much would do anything to get out of lifting!  Flabby self–BE GONE!

The book is divided into three sections, the first, an explanation of why women should lift like men and not be afraid of bulking up; the second, nutritional advice (along with a meal plan that I’m not really following too closely; and third, the most important part, the weight-lifting plan, along with demos of the exercises–this is the part that I’m very closely following, obviously.   The book prescribes to do three days of lifting per week, which is what I’m aiming for and at that rate the plan will be completed in 6 months, although it also states two days per week is fine.

The workout is divided into seven phases, each with different variations on each strength training move–more challenging as you move into the next phase, whether it is increase in weight or just adding an additional move to the current one.  The first phase is 6 weeks long and alternates between workout A and workout B, changing the amount of sets/reps as you progress.  The amount of sets go up and the reps decrease to ensure you are increasing the weight used.   More on the workouts as I progress…

Speaking of progress, I have decided to take pictures of mine with the start of each stage–so here it goes: Stage 1 Pictures


These were taken around 8am, pre-breakfast, just out of bed.  Yes, I am aware I look like a mess.  And yes, I could work on my posture.

Starting weight: 145.6  (ugh, I need to back off the salty food and the drug rep lunch treats!)

Day 1, Workout A, Workout 1 

I headed to the gym this afternoon–and what a good day to do so!  It was E-M-P-T-Y!  I even got to park at the front entrance.  Sundays will be a lifting day for sure.

The workout:

2 sets, 15 reps Squats

2 sets, 15 reps Push-ups alternating with Seated row

2 sets, 15 reps Step-ups alternating with 2 sets, 8 reps Prone jackknife

Rest 60-seconds between sets.

I’m keeping a log with the amount of weight that I use just for reference.


My other lifting days this week will be Tuesday and Thursday, and this will change based on mine and T’s schedule…depending on who can take care of the pups 🙂

Running will resume as usual (Richmond Half marathon training plan, 3 runs/week) and yoga will likely be every morning (time-permitting), because I find that starting my day with a nice stretch makes it a bit less stressful.


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