…And the Rest Of the Weekend

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday and this post is a little late, but it’s been kinda crazy with the weather…thankfully we weren’t hit nearly as hard as predicted by Sandy…

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and eating really good food cooked by T and a sweet treat from Trader Joe’s.

Swordfish with Polenta and Chili Sauce, made by chef T 🙂

As a  reward to myself for finishing the race sub-55 minutes, I treated myself to a set of mini-nail polishes from OPI from the new Bond Collection.  I rarely paint my nails because of my job, but I was lucky enough to find a set of mini-polishes with my two favorite colors!

We also carved pumpkins!  T did a sweet 13.1 Richmond pumpkin (this will be his first half!!!) and mine was little bats with stars.

I also started using my Y membership and swam 100 x 10 intervals with 30 second rest periods–in about 30 minutes.  Actually felt nice for not swimming since August!

Oh and I foam rolled the hell out of my legs.

All in all, a great weekend…


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