Treadmill Running is Better Than No Running

Happy Halloween!

T and I skipped Monday night’s run due to high winds and rain, quite frankly we didn’t want to get whacked in the head with a tree branch.

Last night’s weather was still wet and cold, so we hit the gym.  T did a super-cool stationary bike program (which I will try on Friday–he “cycled” through the Alps!) and I hit the dread–treadmill.  The last time I ran on the treadmill was a 5-10 minute warmup prior to lifting sometime over the summer, no real distance at all.  It makes me a bit nauseated, and it’s boring as hell.

Last night I got on the tready with a more positive outlook: a chance to work on some speedwork, and thankful for a warm gym to run in!  I ran 3.13 miles for this workout (3 miles was the scheduled workout on Monday).

Quick 5k workout:

1/2 mile @ 7 mph

1/2 mile @ 8 mph

3/4 mile @ 7 mph

1/4 mile @ 9 mph

3/4 mile a@ 7 mph

1/4 mile + 0.1 @ 9 mph

A quick 25-minute 5k running workout 🙂

Note-I did not use any incline for this workout.

I wore my sweet new Wicked 10k long-sleeved tech t-shirt, and I was drenched.  Lesson learned, wear a tank in the gym!

After the run, we went for a quick interval swim–550 yards–100 yards x 5 with a 50 yard cool down.  Felt soooo good!  I did, however, scratch the heck out of my wrist on the plastic lane divider…

Tonight’s run will be 6 miles of dodging trick or treaters in Kiln Creek,  followed by the Carrots ‘n’ Cake plank challenge workout.

Safe to say, I’m back on the workout train and it’s not stopping!


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