Halloween Six-Miler

Last night’s run was an easy 6-miler around Kiln Creek (2 laps), all while dodging princesses, superheros, and ghosts!

We did the 6 miles in 57:49, a nice and easy pace because this weekend is the peak long run for the Richmond Half training–12 miles.  I’ve done it before, but the longest training run always makes me nervous because it’s a preview of how the race will go.

When I ran my 12-mile training run back in March, before the Shamrock Half I did it in about 2 hrs, 1 min and some seconds–perfect for my goal race pace of 2:10, I did shock myself by finishing in 1:55, but that was very fast and flat course, and I was training on a few hills.  This time around, we are training on a few hills, however the Richmond course has got rolling hills.  Last time I heard the term rolling hills was the description of the BGC Challenge bike ride–and that was basically climbing a mountain.  Yes, I know there are no mountains in Richmond, but after that experience, it’s a scary term.

When we got back, I had some chocolate milk (my favorite post-run drink–when it’s chilly out), and some leftover sausage peppers, and onions with a little bit of penne.  Probably a bigger meal than I should’ve had, but it was mighty tasty.  Back to salads tonight.

We also did the Carrots n Cake Plank Challenge.   Last night’s was a toughie–but I muscled through it.  Check it out!  I will post my plank times eventually for the first two weeks of the challenge, probably this weekend.

Have a good Wednesday!


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