Weight Gain Bummer

(Disclaimer–this post is all over the place, like word vomit)

I weigh in every Thursday on my scale at home.  This morning (and the past couple weeks for that matter) was a disappointment: 147.4 pounds.

This means, since I hit my lowest weight in May, I have gained 7 pounds back.  I know over the summer I had slacked off a bit from running, well really from working out in general,  due to the heat and awful allergies from mold–yes both excuses–but there was no excuse for slacking off from healthy eating.  So the combination of the two packed on four pounds, and over the last four weeks I’ve gained about three more.

Working at a physician’s office where there is a candy jar (filled with mini chocolate candy bars!!), patients bring in cookies and candy, and drug reps bring lunches at least twice a week (sometimes a healthy Panara salad, most of the time Chick-fil-A, pizza, Italian food, Chinese food–most all have a giant cookie/brownie/treat for desert)–which is a lot of the time more tempting than the lunch I brought from home–or it makes afternoon snacking during some downtime supereasy to grab a piece of garlic bread or chips that came with the sandwich.

It’s easier to eat healthy at home, mainly because we don’t really keep treats in the apartment.  We do get our weekly desert for the weekend, but after discussing with T this morning, we can cut that out, or at least get something smaller and/or healthier. For example, the spice cake from Trader Joe’s from last weekend?  It was gone by Monday evening.  The Fresh Market has yummy cupcakes–we can buy one and split it, and that satisfies my sweet tooth and leaves nothing to nibble on later.  Still not the healthiest treat, but I am a firm believer in not depriving myself of treats, even during weight loss.

My stats for November 1, 2012:

Weight: 147.4

Height: 65.5 inches

Body fat: 23.6%

Muscle: 37%

Water: 54%

Bone density: 4.6

So, here’s the plan for the month of November:

Continue weekly weigh-ins (every Thursday morning)

No drug rep lunches at work–pack and eat my own

No candy dish at work–pack healthy snacks

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Keep up with workouts–will post workout schedule weekly–I’ve been using Runkeeper instead of Daily Mile simply because there is not a Daily Mile app.

2 treats per week–1 Friday morning , if the budget permits (Starbucks tall soy hot chocolate) and 1 Saturday night.


Running has definitely picked back up–for the month of October I ran 58.7 miles!  This was probably my highest mileage month since March, very pleased with this 🙂

That is all for now, tonight is a rest night so that means yoga 🙂


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