Great Friday!

Fridays are always good days, and every other Friday is a GREAT day for me because it’s my half-day at work!  Today happens to be a GREAT Friday 🙂

Today started out with some Daily Show and Day 3, Week 2 of the CnC plank challenge.  I must admit, I didn’t really think only 1 actual ab workout between planks is enough to strenghten and help you keep your plank pose longer, but I was totally wrong.  On Monday, I held the plank for 1:03.(can’t remember), then I did the Wednesday workout almost as prescribed (with a little more rest breaks!), and this morning, I held my plank for 1:32.2!!!

Breakfast was an English muffin, scrambled egg beaters (damn elevated LDL, I miss my real eggies–and I ate a lot of time, trust me) topped with salsa.  After about 20 minutes I was still hungry so I had a Luna Protein bar, which filled me up.

Once I got to work, I filled my water bottle and just well, started working on paperwork I needed to finish before the weekend.  The physician I work with is on vacation this week, so besides labs, give flu vaccines, and triaging patient phone calls, I’ve been doing paperwork all week.  Boring, but a much needed relaxing week at work.

I got hungry again around 9:45a so I had my carrot sticks that I was meaning to eat at lunch, but I didn’t really want another Luna Bar that early.

Lunch today was a Healthy Choice frozen meal.  It was okay, but homemade food is soooo much better. 

Tonight’s workout is 800 yard swim and trying out the cycling program T used at the gym on Tuesday.  I’ll take it nice and easy because tomorrow’s run is 12 miles!  I think we are hitting the Yorktown Battlefield for this one, more on the run tomorrow.

Happy Friday!


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