A Chilly Twelve

Saturday marked the final long run on Richmond Half Marathon training: 12 miles.  I’ve done it before, hell, I’ve done longer, but this was only T’s second 12 miler–he did the entire Shamrock Half training plan with me, unfortunately once he was confident enough to sign up, it was sold out.

We decided to run Yorktown to the Parkway to the Battlefield, which is a nice long run with minimal vehicle traffic (this will be the scene of many long runs to come, since you can easily get 20-22 miles in with some creativity).  We started at the Yorktown Riverwalk and it was CHILLY.   It was the wind, the air temperature per the Mini was 45 degrees, which isn’t too bad–I actually welcome cold weather while running.

The above two pictures were from along the Riverwalk, a lovely November morning 🙂

The Colonial Parkway is such a nice place to run/cycle, there are 3 large unmarked lanes making pedestrian friendly–there’s enough room for cars to give runners room to run!  Not to mention it is beautiful…

The majority of our run was in the Yorktown Battlefield park–where there was a 10-mile race going on.  It was fun to be a spectator while running–the first place finisher finished in about 52 minutes, I am a firm believer I will be there someday!  The foliage was gorgeous, the wind wasn’t nearly as bad as when we were on the Riverwalk, and the miles just flew by with chatter about upcoming trips, school plans, etc.  The last 12-mile training run we did together was in March, and we finished in 2 hours, 1 minute.  We finished this one in 1 hour, 55 minutes, and 40 seconds!  So happy with this, and I love that T said he could’ve gone further–that’s good confidence for his first half coming up in less than a week!

We had about a two mile walk back (we miscalculated the mileage just a hair) but it was a good cool down walk.  I snapped some pictures of the battlefield and the York River because the sky looked super cool.

Once we got back to the Riverwalk, we headed to Green Mountain Coffee and split a hot chocolate.  It was a great way to start the morning 🙂


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