Goals For Richmond

It’s my last day of work before I take time off for Richmond, and as always I have set a couple of goals for the Richmond Half,  the most important?  That T has the best possible first half marathon experience! 

I don’t think he’s as nervous now that we did the 12 miler, but the half will be his longest run to date!  I remember my first half (RnR Mardi Gras), wishing I had some support to push me through/encourage me at that awful mile 10, where I started to walk due to excruciating IT band pain.  Physically I was hurting, I was mentally defeated because I was ashamed to be walking.  I knew it was okay, and that I would finish but I needed someone to tell me that.  I’m so happy I can be that person for him, not that he’ll need it 😉

Time goal:

I’m not setting any strict time goals for this one.  I would love to get a new PR, but that’s not what I’m going for this time around.  Sub- 2:10 would be ideal–for both T and I.  So that’s the time goal.


No injury goal!  That has a lot to do with training, rest, and lots of foam rolling.  It never fails, after every 10+ mile race (even with doing the training) I always have horrible IT band pain and my workouts get thrown off for recovery.  Not this time.  I refuse to let it happen–yes I’m talking to my IT bands.  The training is done, so all there is to do is rest and roll!

Last night T and I were supposed to do an easy shakeout 4 miles, (I was planning on a 10+ minute/mile pace), however, it was cold and damp and we just wanted to get it over with, so we ended up doing 4 miles in 35 minutes!  That’s the fastest (aside from the Wicked 10k) we’ve done in a while!  It felt good, but my ITs were a bit tight this morning.  I foam rolled while catching the latest Daily Show and Colbert Report.  A great way to start the day!

Another great way to start the day?  Weighing in 1.4 pounds less than last week:  146…only about 10 more to go!

All that’s left to do is to make it through the day at work, some last-minute packing, and a good night’s sleep…..then we’re off to Richmond for the Half!


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