Friday In Richmond

I’m going to start out by saying this:  Richmond was by far the best race I’ve ever run.  No, I didn’t PR, but from the start to finish (with the exception of a 30-second asthma-excitement thingy–I’ll get to that in mile 11) the run was perfectly executed complete with negative splits!

That being said, let’s go back in time to Friday….

T and I dropped the dogs off at the border then headed to Richmond.  Since we were a bit early (the expo opened at 11am) we hit Whole Foods and REI for some goodies.  Afterward, we headed to the expo at the Arthur Ashe Center.  There was plenty of parking, and if we were just going to pick up our packets we would’ve been in and out in about 15 minutes.  We did take a look around, I got a t-shirt, T bought us a Richmond Marathon glass and once it started getting a bit more crowded we headed out.

After the expo, we headed to the Carytown district to go to Coppola’s Deli for lunch.  We split a sandwich and chips, because there was no way I was eating an entire (huge) sandwich and chips the day before a race.

After lunch we did a little Christmas shopping and walked around looking at all of the beautiful homes in the area.   We stopped in a cute wine shop and Carytown Cupcakes for treats.  We chose 3 cupcakes, 1 each for desert for Friday night, and 1 to split for a post race treat.  I selected the Lavender Vanilla Cupcake, T went with the Bourbon Cupcake, and we had the Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Cupcake for post-race.  All 3 of the cakes were almost (almost) too pretty to eat!


Two weeks prior to the race, we decided to just pack our own food (T’s amazing pasta sauce) and make dinner at the hotel.  This was a great idea because I knew my digestive system could handle the food during a long run the next day, and it made for a nice relaxing evening in.  Not the most glamorous hotel, but it had a stove and refrigerator and Food Network…why hello Ms. Ina 🙂

I did my pre-long race ritual of painting my toes–this time I went with OPI Live and Let Die–a gorgeous dark green with sparkles.

We ate dinner around 5pm, and had fresh linguine with sauce, a turkey meatball and a piece of ciabatta.  Very filling, I almost felt I ate way too much. The rest of the night we watched TV in bed and went to sleep early…because 4:30am comes way early….


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