Operation: Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season has officially kicked off and you know what that means…sweet treats, indulgent dishes, festive holiday parties, grabbing a bite at the food court while shopping…and the pounds and bloated bellies that accompany those fun times.  Days grow busier and shorter, while consciously healthy eating and workouts become obsolete.   We all go into the season saying “I’m not going to gain any weight this year” then oops Happy New Year–I gained a few pounds and my resolution is to lose what I gained and then some. It’s such a vicious cycle–I’m beyond guilty of it as are most Americans….I would like to finally change this year.  Because look, if you can’t lose weight and keep it off during the holidays….


Working in a physician’s office (or any kind of office really) you are constantly treated with cookies, cakes, and candy from patients, drug reps, and co-workers.  It is all very tempting–especially the homemade goodies–but there are a few things you can do to lessen the temptation and/or guilt of overindulging this season.

1.  Eat a good breakfast.  My typical breakfast is an orange, English muffin, egg beaters, and salsa.  I have unsweetened green tea and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can take my multivitamin at breakfast and not get super nauseated 30 min later.  I don’t usually get hungry at work until about 10am if I eat a breakfast like this.

2.  Keep healthy snacks on hand in the office–my go-to snacks are carrots stick with peanut butter, Luna bars (the mini Luna came in my goodie bag from the turkey trot last week), low sodium soup….

3.  Have a serving of a treat you really want OR a taste of 2-3 different treats…not serving upon serving of all of the treats!


4.  Recruit some friends, some family, your boyfriend/husband, your girlfriend/wife….ANYONE who has similar goals and is supportive.  It keeps you accountable for getting your workouts in–because no one likes to be left hangin’ in the cold waiting for their workout buddy to arrive–and you wouldn’t do that to a friend, would you??

My workout partner 🙂 I would never let this guy down!

5.  Do the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak!  Just ONE mile a day from Thanksgiving (or start today or December 1) until New Year’s Day….or walk, or cycle, or whatever.  JUST MOVE!

6.  And although I’m not an advocate of weighing in daily (because body weight fluctuates so much), I’ve decided to just do it until the end of the year just to keep myself aware of my weight.  After the New Year I’ll resume weekly weights.  This morning I weighed in at 148.2…a little bit too much salt over the weekend, I can totally tell from the tummy bloat.

**Disclaimer:  The above is my plan and it may or may not work for you.  I’m also in no way, shape, or form a physician or registered dietitian so all of these suggestions are simply from a gal who does have some medical experience (I’m a nurse) and reads way too many health and fitness magazines.  I’m looking at you Runner’s World…Self Magazine….Women’s Running….Whole Living…etc….

(Run Streak Day 5—3 miles, 25:45, Yorktown Waterfront + Hills)


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