Christmas Trees and Boat Parades

{This is a picture-heavy post, may take a sec to load!}

Last Saturday started at 7am in the gym (when T and I found out this is the best time to go!!) and ended around 9pm after the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade.

We got up around 6am rather easily on Saturday morning and decided to hit the gym since we skipped it on Friday night.  After running 1 mile on the treadmill, I hit the weights for the NROLFW workout then we headed home.  The gym at 7am on a Saturday is empty for the most part.  I loved it, and it was so nice to get a workout in without having to wait for weights!

After the gym, we headed home to get ready for the day and have breakfast….I honestly don’t even remember what I had, probably a Luna Bar or something similar.  We headed to Williamsburg to get bagels at Manhattan Bagels for the drive to NC on Sunday for the race then we went to The Christmas Mouse to get some new ornaments.  T and I decided before we went to get one ornament per year, plus pick up an ornament wherever we travel, but we ended up with several for this year since both of our ornament collections were quite small.   I picked out the seal pup and the polar bear with Santa Claus, T picked the St. Bernard the pineapple ornament.  We decided together to get the little puffin.  Next year, we’ll stick to just one ornament!


This store is just a bit overwhelming, wouldn’t ya say?


After the Christmas Mouse, we headed to Mill’s Tree Farm to get our Christmas tree.   We picked a good day to get a tree, sunny and 60 degrees!  We took the dogs and walked around the farm until we found the perfect white pine.


Washington guarded the tree while T went to get the guy to cut it down for us.


Yes, I do notice that the dog is almost as tall as our tree…this summer was too hot to grow anything!

Before I knew it, the tree was on top of the car and we were driving back home to decorate.  While having bagels and cream cheese (yum) and some hot chocolate, we trimmed the tree and had a nice afternoon that flew by, because before I knew it, it was time to head to the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade!


Oh Christmas Treeeeee

Oh Christmas Treeeeee


I went last year and loved it, so I talked T into it this year.  Parking is scarce at the waterfront, so we got there around 4:30p, took a little walk then settled in on the sand for the show.  While it was a beautiful day, it got chilly quick!  Good thing there was a bonfire on the beach.  We saved money by bringing our own decaf pumpkin spiced coffee (from the Fresh Market) and a snack of almonds and Unreal chocolate candies (like M&Ms, but the candy coating is dyed with natural dyes, such as beet juice, and they actually taste better).





Of course, I took pictures of the boats!  Most are a bit blurred because I was shivering and my camera isn’t the greatest, but I think they still turned out okay.











PS….I’m still working on the Reindeer Dash for Cash race report…



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