Home For The Holidays

(I composed this at my Mom’s house, and since she is electronics challenged, she does not have the internet….)

On Saturday morning I left Yorktown to make the 3.5 hour drive north to Round Hill, VA to spend Christmas with my mom.  There was virtually no traffic, and I actually stopped at one point (on a back, gravel road) to take a picture of some beautiful scenery.  (This is about 15 minutes away from my mom’s house.)


After I settled in and unpacked and visited a bit, I went for a 4-mile run around.  It was cold and very windy and holy hell, the hills!  At mile 2, barely hanging on to an 8:45 min pace, I realized need to find more hills in Yorktown.  Running among houses decorated with lights for Christmas made it more bearable, but the wind was certainly brutal.

Image (5)

On Sunday, my mom and I went on a tour de Christmas trees, aka stop at both of my sisters’ houses and at my grandfather’s house for visits.  We took my nephews (6 and 7 year olds) to my grandfather’s house in Edinburg, VA, and phew they are a workout all int heir own!  After lunch,  I took them for a walk down to the Edinburg Mill then to the cemetery to see my grandmother’s grave, who we lost earlier this year to pancreatic cancer.   Between playing with my nephews and watching the Redskins (HTTR!!!) I was exhausted and ended up sleeping the entire drive home.  When I got home, I went for another run, it was less windy so I was able to run a bit faster, but again, the hills got me.

Clockwise from the top left: my mom's tree, my younger sister's tree with my nephews, my older sister's tree, and my grandfather's tree :)

Clockwise from the top left: my mom’s tree, my younger sister’s tree with my nephews, my older sister’s tree, and my grandfather’s tree 🙂

Image (6)

Christmas Eve

I got up early and went to my old gym and did some grocery shopping for Christmas brunch.  I did an 800 yard swim, followed by the 12th NROLFW Phase 1 workout.  I love this approach to lifting, I’m definitely feeling stronger, and it’s supereasy to follow. …I also did some yoga when I got home.

Image (8)

After yoga and showering, T texted me (he’s in his hometown) that Willie Wonka was on.  I love that movie.  While I was watching IT STARTED TO SNOW!  This was a complete surprise, as there was no snow in the forecast until Thursday.  Delilah, Karat (one of my mom’s dogs) and I promptly went outside and ran around like maniacs.  Snow is Delilah’s favorite thing, hands down.

Image (9)


I made dinner that night, spaghetti with a simple homemade sauce.  Then settled in for a long winter’s nap 😉


Christmas Day

I got my white Christmas and Santa came 🙂



By the time I woke up, my mom had already gone to work (she works at a doggy daycare at the local vet office).  I got up, had a couple of Christmas cookies and hit the trail for a 6 mile run.  It was snowy but luckily my mom had Stabilicers to put on the bottom of my shoes, so aside from making my shoes heavier than I’m used to and stomping through about 1 inch of snow, the run was nice and smooth.  It was a very quiet and beautiful day W&OD trail, only passed 2 other runners and there was no cycling traffic (nothing against cycling, but I’ve had some close calls with some passing cyclists on that trail!).  I finished my run and headed home for a warm shower and some hot coffee.

Image (10)

Image (12)

My mom got home around noon, so we opened gifts and had Christmas lunch.  I got some sweet Oiselle t-shirts (love love love that company), and a book about ultramarathoning—yes a little premature, but I want to get into running ultras.  I got a few other gifts but I won’t bore you with the details. Lunch was a breakfast strudel, something I have made for Christmas for the past few years.   It is supereasy—puff pastry crust filled with potatoes, peppers, onions, and scrambled eggs.  So good!  The rest of day I spent watching Food Network and reading the January issue of Runner’s World.  A very lazy day indeed.

Two of my favorite gifts!

Two of my favorite gifts!

It has been nice being at home, but I’m ready to head back to Yorktown and do a Christmas cookie detox and get back on a regular schedule—oh and I kinda miss T and Wash 😉


I’m now back home in Yorktown after a 5 hour drive back in the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and eventually just pouring rain.   Still waiting for T and Wash to get back—he was driving from Northwestern Pennsylvania and last time we talked he was just outside of Washington, DC and was stuck in traffic (and he left at least 1 hour before me).  Poor guy and poochie!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Looking forward to 2013 already!!


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