Posted in January 2013

Fun Weekend Ahead!

Tomorrow afternoon T and I are headed north to Washington, DC tomorrow for a fun weekend that includes: -Enjoying a little snow on Friday afternoon.  Less than 1 inch is forcasted for DC, which doesn’t ruin our travel plans but is still going to make for a pretty drive up. -Good food.  We plan on … Continue reading

I’m A Morning Person!

Well, not quite yet. Growing up and actually up until I worked 12-hour nights at the hospital from 2008 to 2011 I had always been a morning person.  When I moved to Newport News in October 2011 and went back on a “normal” daytime schedule, the first 2-3 weeks I was here I went to … Continue reading

Getting Back Into It

After four days straight of cold, rain, and snow the sun was finally shining and the temperatures were finally mild in the 50s-60s, and I was ready to get back into working out. After finishing off the last of the leftover quinoa fried rice and watching the latest episode of the Biggest Loser (I’m an … Continue reading

2013 Goals…Revised

Okay so this isn’t a huge revision of my 2013 goals, just a bit more specific…and I added a few. In my original post, I said I wanted a 5k PR and a marathon PR.  I will get an automatic marathon PR just by finishing and I realized that by running more, I’ll likely become … Continue reading

I’m Back…Kinda

Since classes started next week I’ve had no time to blog.  I’m guessing this will become a regular occurrence, but I will try to blog once a week. So here’s what’s been going on: I decided to drop my pre-calculus and take a college algebra course as a refresher.  So far, so good, things are coming … Continue reading

2013: Let’s Do This

Yep, I’ve got some goals for Twenty-Thirteen… The Jan/Feb issue of Health Magazine had this little interesting tidbit on keeping resolutions/forming a habit: Like the little note says, I’ll be checking in on March 7th for my first goal review. So without further adieu, here are my 5 goals for this year: 1.  FIT BY 30! … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013!  Here’s a quick little post for ya… T and I stayed home and he made my favorite duck recipe: Pan seared duck with a blueberry reduction and potatoes with parsley and garlic fried in duck fat. Followed by a Strawberry Pillow pastry from The Fresh Market: After desert and a fair amount of wine, we … Continue reading