First Run in the Salomons…I Think I’m in Love







Recently, I scored a sweet pair of trail running shoes at REI on sale…



Yesterday, T and I headed to First Landing State Park down in Virginia Beach to test them out on the trail.  For 5 glorious miles of a mixture of trail and road I fell in love with these shoes….and trail running!



The paved part of the trail, which circles around the park….we weren’t on this for long because we took a turn into the forest about 0.25 miles in.



Love my shoes, they fit perfectly, the just enough cushioning, I can’t feel the rock beneath my feet, and they are superlight.

IMGP0250A sandy steep downhill…..walked down this one, T of course ran, but he’s a hiker and is used to this kind of steepness!  I’m quite clumsy and saw myself tumbling down if I attempted to run.


The other paved part of the trail.

We finished the 5 miles about 1 mile from the car on the paved trail, so we had a nice walk back.  We ended up going over to the Chesapeake Bay to snap a few photos.  It was a beautiful (but windy) day at the shore.

IMGP0256 IMGP0253 IMGP0254 IMGP0255

5 miles done.

Time: 48:34, 9:43 pace.  The trail slowed us down quite a bit, but for now, I’m not worried about time, there will be plenty of opportunities to worry about time this year.

T and I signed up for a trail race in April:



We’re doing the 25k, our furthest distance to date!  I’m super-excited, but have lots of miles to log between now and April 20!  We’re also considering the James River Scramble 10k trail run in May, but having decided on that yet (my guess is, yes, we’ll be doing it!)

This week marks the start of my first semester taking TWO classes:  pre-calculus and geology.  Time management will be key here, working full time, homework, and working out (most important for my sanity).  That being said, if I’m not around for a couple of weeks, that’s why.  Hoping to blog at least once a week though, hopefully twice!  Have a great week!




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