I’m Back…Kinda

Since classes started next week I’ve had no time to blog.  I’m guessing this will become a regular occurrence, but I will try to blog once a week.

So here’s what’s been going on:

I decided to drop my pre-calculus and take a college algebra course as a refresher.  So far, so good, things are coming back to me (haven’t taken a math course since 11th grade…so 12 years ago!!)  I’m confident that this will be a good start to my college math career and I will get through pre-calc by the end of 2013.  Geology.  I love geology.  Yes, I’m only three classes in (including lab) but I love it, who knew identifying rocks could be so much fun?

Walking to class last Thursday, a lovely sunset...days are slowly growing longer :)

Walking to class last Thursday, a lovely sunset…days are slowly growing longer 🙂

Enough about school, though, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Last weekend T and I and another couple went to the Carpenter Theatre in Richmond to see the Spamalot musical.  For those of you unfamiliar (as was I) it’s based on the Monty Python movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,”  if it comes to your neck of the woods, I highly recommended it as it is HILARIOUS!!!  I could not stop laughing, you don’t even need to be familiar with Monty Python to get it.  It’s just that well written and that funny.  Before the show, we ate at a Arcadia.  I had the lobster pot pie, and it was delicious.  I refrained from taking pictures because this was the first time I was meeting this other couple (T works with the guy), so I didn’t want to be that weird gal taking pictures of everything.  It was also nice to do my hair, and get a little dressed up instead of wearing workout clothes or scrubs like I do everyday of my life.

Arcadia, in downtown Richmond.  I highly recommend it.  And there's a huge farmer's market next to it.

Arcadia, in downtown Richmond. I highly recommend it. And there’s a huge farmer’s market next to it.




As for working out/running/healthy eating….

……it’s been, well, a challenge.  Balancing everything and time management has not been on my side, but I’m getting there.   I’m forcing myself to become a morning exerciser so it’s just done for the day.  Hopefully by the time the humid Virginia summer rolls around I’ll actually enjoy being a morning exerciser, because the air is just brutal here in the summer and doesn’t play well with asthma. So tomorrow, 4:30 am will come very early, but it will be well worth it in the end.

I weighed in this morning at 1-freaking-53 (153 lbs…well I was 155 at one point earlier this month) and I deserve every pound I have gained since November.  Overindulging is the word of December and so far January, but since T and I made our food budget and started meal planning I’m slowly getting back into a better way of eating.  Salads with a protein for lunch, and a nice hot meal for dinner—this week it’s quinoa fried rice and it is probably my favorite quinoa recipe to date.   Get the recipe here.  Trust me, just double the recipe on the first try, you’ll thank me later.


I’m still doing the NFOLFW weight lifting plan–loosely–but still doing it.  I’m more following the structure of the plan not so much the exact exercises.  I am targeting areas specific to endurance runners (I found some random article online that I liked with a list of weight lifting recommendations so I’m just going with it).  Lifting days are Saturday and Monday.  And on most mornings, I’m doing an Pilates DVD 10-minute ab segment that has me feeling stronger already.

[I also updated my 2013 goals–will save that for another post in the near future, like perhaps this weekend]

I think that’s all for now…I’ll leave you now with a picture of one of the cutest dogs in my world…

Seen in this picture begging for Ben and Jerry's at the beach after our walk this weekend

Seen in this picture begging for Ben and Jerry’s at the beach after our walk this weekend



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