2013 Goals…Revised

Okay so this isn’t a huge revision of my 2013 goals, just a bit more specific…and I added a few.

In my original post, I said I wanted a 5k PR and a marathon PR.  I will get an automatic marathon PR just by finishing and I realized that by running more, I’ll likely become faster, and, honestly, if I don’t, I don’t care.  As for the 5k, well I don’t have any on the race schedule so far this year…..A PR is great, but sometimes running just for fun is great too.

So here they are my new (and improved) 2013 goals:

1. Fit by 30 (August 15).  Specifically flat abs.  I came damn close earlier this year, then went downhill with the eating habits while nursing an IT band injury after back to back races…then running a trail half marathon with the injury.

2.  Read TWELVE non-textbooks.  I’m on book number two already, that 30 minute lunch break at work is good for something afterall.

3.  Practice yoga for at least 30 minutes, two times per week.  I would like to perfect the downward dog and the backbend, and be able to do the forearm handstand and the chin balance pose (see original post for these poses).

4.  $1,000 in my savings by December 31, 2012.  Moving and taking a huge paycut ate my savings.  I want it back.

5.  This goes along with number 4–No full priced clothing/shoes.  You can always find a coupon or discount.  Always.

6.  50 cents into “fun money” jar per mile run (will add monthly)…by the end of the year I could enter a new race, use the cash for spending money on vacation, put in into savings….whatever.  It’s a nice easy little reward for getting the miles in.  Especially in the humid Virginia summer.

7.  Complete Pre-Calculus once and for all!  I unfortunately had to drop down to college algebra (by my own choice) as a refresher.  I haven’t taken math since high school (over 10 years ago) and instead of having to drop the class or really really struggle, I made best of the situation and couldn’t be happier (my algebra instructor is awesome at explaining every little detail).

8.  So last September I was signed up for a sprint triathlon in Jamestown, and I backed out because I was so unprepared.  Redemption time.  I have decided to sign up (T too!!) for an Olympic distance tri in Maryland in August.  I’m already swimming 1000 yards and can go futher if I wanted to.  I’m gonna crush it.

9.  Blog at least once a week.  Homework first, blogging second.


I think that’s enough.  Can’t wait to achieve each and every one of these!



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