Getting Back Into It

After four days straight of cold, rain, and snow the sun was finally shining and the temperatures were finally mild in the 50s-60s, and I was ready to get back into working out.

I love snow, but not in southeastern Virginia, it doesn't stick around!

I love snow, but not in southeastern Virginia, it doesn’t stick around!

After finishing off the last of the leftover quinoa fried rice and watching the latest episode of the Biggest Loser (I’m an addict, I love seeing people succeed in their goals), T and I called it a night early in order to wake up to hit the gym at 7am to avoid all of the “I wanna lose weight” new years resolution people.  Yes, I’m in that category, however, I’ve been working out, and not just starting to hit the gym.  We started with a 1000 yard swim (200yd x1 minute rests), then hit the treadmill for a warmup mile prior to lifting.  I have been doing the NROLFW lifting plan, and I love the format, but hated the exercises.  I googled “best strength training for endurance athletes” and found a super website (I’m sure it’s an excerpt from book) outlining how an endurance athlete should strength-train.  I replaced some of the lifts from the NROLFW with recommendations from that website, but kept the sets/sequence of lifting the same as what I was doing before.  Alternating muscle groups is pretty common knowledge, I guess, but this training session was particularly awesome.

7am gym date!

7am gym date!

After lifting and showering, T and I ran some errands and hit Point 2, a local running store.  I was just looking to try on the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s (I’m in love with the 15s, actually they were the very first running shoe I felt really good in, 6 miles right out of the box).  Much to my disappointment  the 16s were TOTALLY different than the 15s and not in a good way.  The girl helping me out agreed, that something was just off.  To her, it was the toebox was more narrow, for me it was the sole of the shoe.  Felt hard as a rock, no cushioning.  A lot of people like that, I’m not one of them.  I tried the barefoot/minimalist running and it wasn’t for me.  T was there for the new Mizuno EVO, their newest minimalist shoe.  T is a minimalist runner.  He trained for the half in his Fivefingers.  Since the 15s are soon to be distinct, I tried a different shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9.  Per Mizuno’s website, is is their number one support shoe.  The minute I put them on I knew these could replace my 15s, and that feeling was confirmed after a few minutes on the treadmill in the store.  They are a little bit more cushioned than the Wave Riders, but had the same fit and were just as light.  T got his EVOs, and also picked up some of the Brooks Pure shoes that he runs in at a basically 2 for 1 price because they were on clearance.  We got a discount on the Mizunos because I signed up for the Peninsula Track Club when I first moved here in an effort to meet running buddies and Point 2 gives a 10% discount to members.  So, no full priced shoes!

Beauties, huh

Beauties, huh?


then headed to historic Yorktown (stayed away from the water because it was a bit windy, and windy = cold) and walked Wash.  (Delilah is still around, she’s been on winter vacation at my mom’s house, we’re picking her up this weekend).  After walking about 2 miles and looking at some of the cutest homes in the area, we headed back home for lunch and homework.

Image (14)


I just had some algebra to do, and I re-wrote my notes from the first 4 classes so they were legible.  T started his classes this week too (he’s in an MBA program) and his homework took significantly longer than mine.

We ate leftover new year’s day pork (that we froze), broccoli, and potatoes for dinner.  And the wine….I loved this wine.  One of T’s new years resolutions is to spend no more than $15 on a bottle of wine.  So far, so good.  This one, Pacific Redwood Organic Red, was an organic red from Whole Foods, vinted and bottled in Redwood Valley, CA.  On the back of the bottle it was described as “medium-bodied” and “packed with blackberry and plum flavors”–I couldn’t agree more.   I am a wine novice, so I’m pretty bad at describing what I’m drinking, but now I enjoy savoring and learning about what I’m drinking.  T has introduced me to so many different wines, it’s difficult to keep track, but I know this–and fellow Virginians don’t hate me for this—Virginia does not make the best wine in America.


This morning we woke up with every intention of going on an early morning run.  Then we realized it was going to be 65 degrees this afternoon and decided to wait.  Never again.  It was so hard to get up and go.  I wasn’t that sore in the morning but by the afternoon, my legs just ached from lifting.  We decided to hit the Noland Trail around 2pm.

noland trail

The Noland Trail is a park in Newport News that is a great place for local hill training, and trail running.  The terrain varies, from dirt to sand to oyster shells to asphalt.  Because the day was so nice, the trail was busy.  It’s nice to see people outside working out.  We planned on doing 6-8 miles, but  only did about 4 miles in 40 minutes.  A nice slow pace to ease our aching muscles into running after taking the week off due to weather.  I was just a hair disappointed in the mileage and time, but like I said, after a tough lift yesterday and taking almost a week off it was good to ease back into things. We did, however, decide we must run here more often to get the hill work in.  Because it was a tough run.  I wore my Salomons again and they felt even better than the first time I ran in them.

The rest of the day/evening was spent doing homework, cooking lunch/dinner for the week, and blogging.  Have a great week!




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