I’m A Morning Person!

Well, not quite yet.

Growing up and actually up until I worked 12-hour nights at the hospital from 2008 to 2011 I had always been a morning person.  When I moved to Newport News in October 2011 and went back on a “normal” daytime schedule, the first 2-3 weeks I was here I went to bed around 7:30-8pm and woke up around 6am.  How sleep deprived was I?!  I eventually worked my way back to bed at 9pm and up by 5:30-6am to run/go to the gym.




Then I met T, who was quite the night owl.  He preferred running at night, and for someone who voluntarily did half marathon training with me and wasn’t even signed up for the marathon, well, I started running in the evening and enjoyed sleeping in in the morning.  So we kinda just kept that schedule with many attempts to get up and workout in the morning.




Last week during the 4 days of rain and cold, we set the alarm for 5am and just decided to get up at that time to get used to it and do a 10-minute Pilates abs dvd.  With night classes for both of us, running/lifting at night is just not going to happen.  I’m determined to become a morning person again.

This morning, I woke up right at 5am (with the alarm of course) and started the day.  T eventually after about 5 minutes (and maybe a little pep talk to get out of bed) realized I wasn’t coming back to bed he got up.  We walked Wash then headed to the gym for a run.  Wasn’t bad, wasn’t great, but hey it was done.


Afterward, we headed home for showers and while T had the day off for MLK day, I headed to work.  I did get a nice soy mocha treat for lunch delivered by T and Wash, and also a nice 15 minute walk at the Noland Trail with them.  It definitely made the day a great one.  After work, we headed to the gym again for a short cycle for quick 10 minute warmup followed by weight lifting.



Leg press

Leg press

After the gym, it was dinnertime.  Man it was a good one!  Udon Pork Ragu, it’s a Williams Sonoma recipe, you can find it here.  We did substitute chicken burger for the pork and it is absolutely delicious.  T made it yesterday and it reheats very well, just keep the parmesan and herbs off of it until ready to be eaten.



That’s all for now, early morning Pilates abs dvd, work, then class till 10pm tomorrow…off to read myself to sleep 🙂



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