Washington, DC Minication

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been up to my ears in school work….

Last weekend T and I headed north to DC for a quick weekend getaway and to pick up my dog, Delilah, from my mom’s house (which is about 1 hour west of DC).

I was supposed to get out of work around 12:30-1pm on Friday, so I didn’t bother to pack a lunch.  Mistake.  THREE call-ins (common at my office for some reason…) so I ended up having to stay until about 2pm.  I was a hungry gal so the boyfriend was awesome enough to bring me a soy mocha and my favorite Starbucks treat:

Hit. The. Spot.

Hit. The. Spot.

After telling my manager I had to leave by 2pm (advice from a co-worker), I was out the door….at the same time the snow started.  I’m not worried about myself in the snow because I’m careful.  Anyone can drive in the snow, if you’re careful.  HOWEVER, I live in Tidewater Virginia, home of the worst drivers I have ever witnessed.  It’s bad enough in the partly cloudy dry weather, but one snowflake falls from the sky and people start freaking out.  When I finally made it home (lots of traffic–people leaving school/work early and headed to the grocery to stock up for the “blizzard”), T and I packed up and hit the road.  The interstate wasn’t that bad, from about Williamsburg to Richmond it was moving slower than normal but once we were past Richmond it was smooth sailing.  We made a quick stop at REI in Woodbridge to make some returns and I found a sweet raincoat that I ended up ordering online last Sunday.  So cute:



Once we got to the city, we checked in at the Doubletree (which happened to be 0.5 mile from the Kennedy Center–nice choice T), unpacked, got changed to go out and headed to Oyamel.  Holy greatness of Mexican cuisine.   This was by far the best Mexican I have ever had.  Below are a few of the tapas we shared, my favorite though, was the guacamole that was made right in front of us.  Best guac I’ve ever had.




Papas al Mole and Guacamole


Pork taco
IMG_0818[1]Can’t remember the name of this, but it was a poached egg with black beans.  My other favorite

Oyamel did a fabulous job of bringing out the food in a certain order so it ends with the best.  The flavors were so bold and it was just plain delicious.   I would totally go back.   We ended up getting back to our hotel a little after midnight, and crashed.

Saturday was a busy day.  We got up and had breakfast, then headed to the National Mall to walk around before the museums opened.  There was a bit of snow still on the ground but not much.


We ended up going to a few museums: The American History, the Natural History, and the National Gallery.  Here are a few pictures from the American and Natural museum (no photos in the art gallery):


Julia's Kitchen, always a favorite exhibit

Julia’s Kitchen, always a favorite exhibit


The FOOD exhibit was not as interesting as I thought it would be.  I’m not sure what exactly I was looking for, but it was pretty cool to see food-related items from the past and be like “omg I remember this!”


Right next door to the FOOD exhibit, was another new one, called America on the Move.  This history of transportation in the US was not something I would typically go out of my way to see (if I were travelling by myself) but I loved it!

T and a camper :)

T and a camper 🙂

1st car to drive across the country

1st car to drive across the country

After we went through a couple more exhibits at the American History Museum, we walked next door to the Natural History Museum, where I was super-psyched to see the Geology exhibit.   It actually helped me understand some geology stuff I’ve been learning.  I’ll spare you all of the mineral pictures I took and leave you with just one beautiful gem:

the world's largest gem auqamarine

the world’s largest gem auqamarine

After the museums, T and I met up with one of his friends from college at Zaytinya, a Greek restaurant.  I had thought previous night’s dinner was good and couldn’t be topped, but this place did it.  I’ve never had real Greek food and now I’m in love with it.  The three of us each got the Mezze lunch, which was served similar to the tapas T and I had the night before.   Everything, I mean everything was absolutely incredible.  I used to not eat lamb, because, well, it was a lamb.  Had no clue what I was missing out on.  The pitas were fresh out of the oven, warm and light. And the best Greek yogurt I have ever tasted.  I cannot say enough about this place so I’ll leave you with a picture of the goodness:

Image (16)


We said our goodbyes to T’s friend and headed to the Cowgirl Creamery for some after-ballet snacks.



Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the ballet.  Since we were only 0.5 mile away, we decided to walk and enjoy the chilly, but lovely evening.

Dress and belt: Banana Republic; Shoes: Clark's

Dress and belt: Banana Republic; Shoes: Clark’s


Alice in Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland!

The ballet was just perfect.  I can only dream of having that kind of talent, the ballerina that danced as Alice danced the entire time–flawlessly–now that, my friends, is an athlete.  The entire cast was great, and I look forward to seeing more shows in the future!

Sunday morning was an early one.  It was the morning where we set out to do 8 miles, but ended up doing 9.  It was such a fun run, along the monuments, around the tidal basin….ah makes me miss living close enough to just go in to the city for the day for a race or even just a training run.  Here are some pictures:



Can you say windburn?

Can you say windburn?




After the run and a nice long warm shower, we packed up and headed to my mom’s house to pick up the poochie.  She was sure happy to see us.  It was a perfect weekend and I can’t wait to go back…..possibly for cherry blossom season 🙂


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