Race Report: Love Rox Half Marathon

Last Saturday T and I ran the inaugural Love Rox Half Marathon in Richmond, Virginia.  Keyword in the previous sentence:  inaugural.



Richmond Multisports (RM) put on the race, they usually stick with triathlons as far as I know (hence their name, mulitsports).  I’m not familiar with that racing company as most of the Richmond races I have participated in/heard of are done by Sportsbackers—they are AMAZING.  (Not that I’m badmouthing RM in any way, by the way, I just had a way better experiences with Sportsbackers)  I am, however contemplating participating in a RM tri maybe next year…

The venue was pretty cool, it was at the Tredegar Ironworks in Richmond.

Bundled up--pre race

Bundled up–pre race

Iron Works

Iron Works



Packet pickup/post party site

Packet pickup/post party site

The biggest doozie of the race last weekend was out of anyone’s control: the weather.  Had the race been held on Friday when it was 63 degrees and sunny–maybe I would’ve overlooked some of the downfalls of the race, but Saturday was in the 30s with rain and snow…and around mile nine a little ice.  It was cold an wet, and again, out of anyone’s control.  I mean, it is a race in February, 63 and sunny would’ve been pure luck.





Snow/Ice storm around mile 9

Snow/Ice storm around mile 9

On to the race….good thing I decided to make this a training run and not run for time…..

What I liked:

-Running with T

-Seeing a part of Richmond I’ve never seen before

-the downhill finish

-dominating (in my mind) the hills (uphill and down)…thank you weight lifting…

-the sweet bling



What didn’t work for me (and a lot of other runners, as I heard complaint after complaint as I ran by them or as they passed me):

-The course.  While I liked seeing a different part of Richmond and appreciated that they didn’t just use the Richmond Half Marathon route, there was a lot (and I mean a lot) of concrete and brick sidewalk running.  Ouch, my shins and knees screamed at me, ouch.  I get that maybe there weren’t funds to close down roads, or enough volunteers to man the intersections of streets, but damn, that was painful.

-The starting line.  What starting line????  We started on a grassy patch by the river, with what looked like a laminated 8×10″ paper that said start.  Everyone started at 10:04am…however not everyone crossed the imaginary start line at that time.  Sure it may have been about a 30 second lapse in time, but 30 seconds is 30 seconds.  It was time chipped, but only recorded your time at the end of the race.  Me no likey.



-After the race took off runners filed onto a brick sidewalk (the riverwalk) that was maybe 3 yards wide.  Not kidding.  Then, we had to run down slippery stairs and back up slippery stairs–which lead to a lot of walkers and back up on the course.

Running through the riverwalk....nice views but painful on the legs

Running through the riverwalk….nice views but painful on the legs..and a blurry running pic

Thank goodness for the overpass shelter!

Thank goodness for the overpass shelter!

Those were the major problems that are still in my mind.  We finished in like 2hrs 10min and some seconds….again didn’t really care because it was a training run.  If I would’ve written this post on Saturday  night or Sunday, I would’ve had so many more complaints it would be crazy.  After thinking about it though, this was an accomplishment.  I’ve never run a race in that kind of weather, and I now have a new PR for distance—-13.54 miles—-because the course was almost 0.5 miles off according to T’s iPhone.




Will I run it again?  No, probably not.  In fact, I probably won’t run another February race unless it’s in a warmer climate haha!

I haven’t run since the race because I didn’t want to hurt my shins even more, so I’ve been icing and resting.  Now I’m craving a run, hopefully tomorrow morning.


**Officially ONE week until much needed vacation time in Seattle and Victoria, BC….but for now, time to get back to homework.


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