Running on Clouds


I’ve been a little lax on working out this week prepping for the trip and also putting in some longer hours at work so I don’t eat up all of my vacation time.   Oh and there’s that school thing too that takes up 5 hours after work two nights a week…minor details though 😉

Friday night T and I went to a local neighborhood that is well-lit and has a nice asphalt path and did 3 miles—and finally got back under a 9 minute/mile pace.  I we did that short run to break in some new running shoes I had purchased a couple of weeks ago after oohing and awing over them for a couple of months.  Be prepared to witness the ridiculousness of how these shoes look:

Hoka One One Mafate 2

Hoka One One Mafate 2

T tells me how silly they look every time I wear/mention/think about them haha, and they definitely aren’t my signature “bright-colored shoes”,  BUT here’s the kicker—your feet will thank you because you feel like you are running on clouds.  I know, the barefoot shoe is all the rage now, but some runners need a little cushion (ahem, like myself).  It has a minimal heel to toe drop, so while it looks like a mega-monster shoe, it is in fact, a minimalist shoe.  I replaced my Salomon Trail runners with these after a longer trail run in the Salomons and got some nasty toe rubbing.  Thank goodness for REI’s return policy.  After I wear out my other Mizunos (I have 2 Wave Rider 15s–I stocked up after realizing the new 16s and I weren’t going to be friends, and 1 Wave Inspire to work through) I plan on changing over to the Hokas–Bondi Speed, I’m lookin’ at you in 2014.  I have found my perfect running shoe.

Stole this from a friend's Facebook page...I totally agree :)

Stole this from a friend’s Facebook page…I totally agree 🙂

This morning T and I went over to the Noland Trail for a planned 6-8 miler, but we ended up only doing 4 miles at a slow pace.  Our legs weren’t feeling it but hey, at least we got out.  I need to keep up with yoga, because after taking a week off from stretching my legs were lead.   I also worked on my camera skills while running because I want to be able to take some sightseeing pictures while running next week in Seattle.





The next few days will be busy, I’m almost certain I won’t have time to blog until sometime in the Pacific Northwest.

Starting the packing process....March's book: Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson.  Fabulous writer.

Starting the packing process….March’s book: Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson. Fabulous writer.

Next up…..


Have a great week!


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