Sunday Chores and a New Camera

After running this morning, T and I got to work on some homework, some packing, and prepping lunches for work this week.  Lunch usually consists of salad and a protein.  See those blue mugs on the bottom shelf?  Salads!  The Pyrex on the top two shelves are leftovers that we had frozen for an occasion like this.  The goal is to empty our fridge/freezer so when we get back we get to put fresh leftovers in.

The emptiest I've ever seen the fridge!

The emptiest I’ve ever seen the fridge.

Waiting to be put in the suitcase...

Waiting to be put in the suitcase…

Passports and the foam kind of vacation gear!

Passports and the foam roller…my kind of vacation gear!


After finishing the chores, T made this delicious dinner: Pan-roasted chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce.  It was to die for, but then again, everything T makes in my opinion is to die for, but I am also a bit biased….

Makes your mouth water, huh?

Makes your mouth water, huh?


The food picture was taken with our new camera, the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX200V.  I was previously using both my iPhone and my Fujifilm XP to take pictures….I didn’t know the gorgeous pictures I could take given the right camera (the above 3 pictures are iPhone pictures).  I passed on a D-SLR for now, due to cost and honestly, I don’t have the time to learn how to properly use it.  Definitely something I would like to take a class on after I finish my degree.  I’m so psyched to use this camera on vacation and well everything else in the future.



Well off to bed….THREE more work days to get through then it’s off to the Pacific Northwest for a week…pretty sure I already said that in the previous post, but I’m so excited!


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