New Spring Workout Clothing/Gear

(This was written on Sunday 2/24/13, just thought I would have a little post to post during my travels)

The sun was finally shinning today and the temperature actually got into the 50s, so it got me thinking about the upcoming spring/summer seasons and how incredibly humid and warm it gets here.  When I moved to Yorktown, I got rid of a lot of my old workout/running clothing that I had either literally worn to pieces, had awful pit stains (TMI?), or just didn’t fit anymore.  I have been slowly building my workout clothes back up, but there are just a few pieces I’ve seen lately that have stood out to me for the upcoming season.

1.  The Bella Shorts by Terry.  These are the best of the best, according the reviews I’ve read.  When I took up cycling last year I purchased a pair of Sugoi cycling shorts from REI on clearance.  They did the job, but they stretched out easily and ended up chafing in  some places.

2.  Moxie Cycling Vixen Jersey.  Talk about one hot jersey.  Chevron strip, black and white with a little green, and good coverage in the chest area–3 things that I love.  I am usually a huge fan of Terry jerseys, but I’m curious about this one.

3.  Moving Comfort Endurance Racer Bra.   I’m a huge fan of their Juno bra for running and the Phoebe bra for lifting and cycling, and I’m always psyched when a new bra for a larger chested lady comes out.   I’ll likely try it on before purchasing (hopefully T9 or RRS will have one in stock out in Seattle.  Love the color.

4.  So this next one isn’t new, but I love a cute sparkle skirt from Team Sparkle.  I have a turquoise and a yellow one, now I would like a pink one in case I feel like being extra girly at a race.

5.  Finally, I need a pair of super shorts to wear under the Sparkle skirt….enter: Nike Pro Combat 2.5″ shorts.  In Galaxy print.  I already pre-ordered these from Road Runner Sports, and the price can’t be beat.  I’m sorry, but a pair of shorts from Lulu may make my ass look good, but when it’s going to covered with a skirt, why spend the cash?  And if I lose some flab, maybe I’ll even wear them without the skirt….because the print is so damn cute!

Of course, these are just a few things on my spring workout clothing wish list….it keeps growing and growing!  Will try to control it though, gonna run out of drawer space sooner or later….

What are your picks for workout gear/clothing this spring?


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