T and I had a great time in Seattle over the past week and now that we’re back home, I’m ready for spring and a fresh start to the year.  Yes, the new year started over 2 months ago but it got off to a slow start.  My mileage was down, my eating was crap, and honestly, I needed a vacation to reset.  While T and I were relaxing in Victoria, we meal planned and figured out how to get back on track with healthy eating, we planned our running/weekly workout schedule, and we just well…relaxed.  (I’ll start posting about a few highlights of Seattle this week…)

Meal planning.

Over at  Carrots n Cake, Tina is a pro at meal planning.  While T and I don’t prepare something different for each night of the week, we do stick to a budget and well plan our meals accordingly.  Due to busy schedules, we do a lot of repeats.  We make a big batch of something for dinners for the week, and we have a salad and a protein for lunch.  On the weekends we have a little pasta meal prior to long run days, and a more elaborate meal for one of the days.  Friday is usually pizza day, because homemade pizza is just the best.

Our kitchen was empty this morning so we went to Starbucks and got chicken sausage and egg white wraps and headed to BJ’s do due the bulk of our grocery shopping for the next week.   We usually go shopping on Friday and shop for things through the following Thursday.  We buy a lot of things in bulk, it’s a huge money-saver and it makes easy meal planning.  Things we buy in bulk?  Beans, canned tomatoes, peanuts, almonds, pasta, English muffins, and rice.  You know what else is a money saver at the bulk store? Veggies and fruit.  Especially when a lot of the meals made in our kitchen are heavy on the veggies.  Good deals?  Salad, organic apples, baby carrots, sweet potatoes, and onions.  Cantaloupes are an excellent buy when in season too.  The rest of our groceries are usually purchased at Trader Joe’s or Kroger.  The Fresh Market, as wonderful as it is, is a bit pricey so that’s reserved for special meals.

BJ's Grocery Run

BJ’s Grocery Run

On the menu for this week:

Lunch:  Salad with Garlic Mustard Drumsticks

Dinner:  Sweet Potato Hash with Spinach–a Martha Stewart recipe “paleo-ed” up a bit by T

Snacks: baby carrots, hard-boiled eggs, almonds

On reviving workouts.

Most of our vacation was spent walking, which was great because of all the rich, wonderful food we ate.  But feeling bloated (from excess salt/booze) and the feeling that all of my clothes were too tight on me when they fit a few months ago made me realize not only that I need to take control of my eating, but I need to get on the regular workout train.  It’s been pretty inconsistent lately…note my Daily Mile page…rather pathetic huh?

That being said, here are this weeks scheduled workouts:

Sunday-walk on the Noland Trail (to start breaking in hiking boots)done

Monday-abs (in the morning); yoga-30 minutes in the evening

Tuesday- morning run-3 miles (treadmill)/lifting at the gym

Wednesday-run-6 miles

Thursday-yoga-30 minutes in the morning; swim/lifting after class

Friday- run-3 miles…in the future this will become speedwork night

Saturday-swim/cycling/lifting at the gym

Ambitious? Maybe, especially for the first week back to work after being off for over a week…but hey, I’m motivated.

Now for the daily Seattle picture….



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