Drug Rep Lunch Rant

It’s so nice to be back home in my own bed, but I am missing Seattle big time.  It was my first trip to the West Coast and I’m in love.  It’s a top contender in the ‘where to go next’ question.  T is agreeable.

Downtown Seattle viewed from West Seattle

Downtown Seattle viewed from West Seattle

Back at the office this week temptation has been everywhere.  Just my luck, I am determined to lose the weight I’ve put back on and there’s leftover Valentine’s and Easter candy floating around the office, and how about the daily drug rep lunches??  I mean, damn, it’s so easy to just give in and pig out on this good food, but surprise…I haven’t!

Most of the time the drug rep lunches are calorie and fat loaded junk.  Yes we get the occasional Panera salad lunch (which makes most of my co-workers whine and go get McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A), but it’s usually pizza, or a big pasta dish and bread sticks from Olive Garden, or junk from Chili’s or Boston Market.  It’s very nice to have these lunches, but come on….you’re coming to a medical office, bring something healthy!  So that’s my drug rep lunch rant.

Today was a double whammy…drug rep breakfast and lunch.

It’s like….welcome to work, I know you already ate breakfast at home and all…but don’t you want an Asiago Cheese bagel…that is 330 calories (per the Panera website).  So tempting, I love Panera…but not after an Egg Beater and spinach omelet with a whole wheat English Muffin and a strawberry vanilla whey smoothie (8oz).

These were devoured by lunchtime...

These were devoured by lunchtime…

Then, it’s “oh wait it’s 12:00pm, who wants pizza?” Complete with little side salads with globs of ranch dressing and iceberg lettuce (not pictured).  Again, the pizza was tempting because it’s one of my favorite foods, but my salad with garlic mustard chicken drumsticks was just as good, and more satisfying than a slice of pie.

Pizza anyone?

Pizza anyone?

Making good eating choices is difficult when temptation stares you in the face daily.

You know what helps me?  Wanting to be a faster runner, yeah, I guess…. but how about this….how about the patient I saw right before lunch that is in her 40s, obese, diabetic, and has to start insulin because she can’t control her blood sugars on oral meds anymore along with multiple other medical problems that can likely be reversed with weight loss…but refuses (and yes, she refuses to give up her fast food) to change her diet/exercise habits to help herself and is essentially slowly killing herself.

I don’t want to be that at all, not even close to that.  This is why I am changing my eating habits…not to be skinny or to fit into a bikini by summer….but to be healthy and have good eating habits and to be able to enjoy life well into the geriatric years without tons of medical problems that i essentially did to myself…and in the short-term?  Enter my 30s the healthiest I’ve ever been.



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