Is It Spring Yet?

Seriously, the first day of Spring was last week, and we had snow flurries….and right now, as I type this, there is a little FREEZING RAIN/SNOWING action going on outside.




I’m usually all about the cooler weather as long as possible, it can stay 50-60 degrees until July and I would be a happy gal, but it’s been 35 degrees on one day, then 60 degrees for a couple of days, then back down to the 40s with non-stop rain.  Yep, Yorktown is a bit bipolar with its weather these days.

Maybe a little consistency headed my way?

Maybe a little consistency headed my way?


So what does one where to workout during this crazy weather?  I try to wear shorts whenever possible, but with the wind and chilly temps this morning, I opted for:


-a long capri tight (Lululemon-Get Up and Glow Crop-no longer available online);

-a t-shirt (not pictured, but it’s Outdoor Research Echo T-shirt—on sale now at REI–and they are amazing for summer running because they are so, so breathable);

–a running jacket (Brooks NightLife Essential Run Jacket II–I got this one on sale at REI on my way to Seattle, but you can get one here).

-to keep my hair back, I like to use Sweaty Bands, because they really don’t slip and the prints are super-cute.

-and finally, my beloved Mizuno Wave 15s.

Now, onto the run details.

T and I headed over to the Yorktown Battlefield for a nice 12-mile run.  The battlefield is a great place to log lots o’ miles, there’s a paved path that you can run, walk, bike, ride horses, or drive on to tour the battlefield/get exercise.  Most of the drivers are courteous of pedestrians, but of course you have the occasional dumbass going way too fast but you just move to the side and continue running.  It was empty today!  Minimal foot and car traffic made for relaxing run.  We held a pretty steady pace of 9:55 min/mile for 2 hours, and ended up with 12.2 miles in the books.

Post long run, I used to do an ice bath.  Maybe it’ll be nice again in the summer, but with these cold temperatures I opted for a hot shower to warm up (not the smartest recovery move, I know) followed by a high protein breakfast which was eaten so fast it’s not pictured.  I had 1 egg, 3 slices of bacon, an English muffin, and a glass of water with  pink lemonade Nuun tablet.

What do I wear post run?  That’s easy.

Nice and cozy, right out of the shower

Nice and cozy, right out of the shower



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