Shrimp Tacos

Happy Monday!

T and I had originally planned on grilling dinner last night, but since it was cold/snowy/rainy T made the decision to just saute the shrimp and heat the tortillas in the microwave.  It turned out so good, I can’t wait till we get to use the grill to make this recipe again.

The poochies love the snow

The poochies love the snow!

I got the recipe from Real Simple, you can find it here.  In order to make it healthier, we didn’t do the mayonnaise based sauce, but instead added the cumin to the shrimp and picked up some pico de gallo from Trader Joes.  So, I guess the recipe really wasn’t necessary, huh?




The quinoa recipe was totally necessary.  I love Spanish rice, and though rice is healthy, I wanted to add a little extra protein to tonight’s meal, so I did a Google search for “Spanish quinoa” and this little gem of a recipe appeared: Spanish Quinoa.  Holy hell, do yourself a favor and check it out.  It was amazing.  I followed the recipe exactly and it was the perfect side dish to the shrimp tacos.  And yes, I had an extra serving of quinoa.

Great dinner :)

Great dinner 🙂





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