Weekly Workouts: Week of 3/25/2013

Well, after experimenting with different workout schedules and with morning vs. evening running/gym time and just winging it with workouts, I’m happy to say that T and I have finally, finally found something that works!

Okay, so it wasn't that difficult....

Okay, so it wasn’t that difficult….


I need a schedule to follow or I’m like a lost puppy.  I need structure.

The basic schedule formula:

Monday: AM- abwork, Rest/Yoga

Tuesday:  AM-run, PM-lift

Wednesday:  AM-abwork, Rest

Thursday:   AM-run, PM-(me) swim, homework permitting

Friday:  AM-abwork, PM-lift, cycle/run at the gym

Saturday: Swim, and when the weather improves, cycle to the gym to swim; long walk with the dogs

Sunday:  Long run

It’s easily changed if needed, and it’s actually getting easy to wake up in the morning to run.  Going to the gym after work isn’t bad either, it’s a nice way to get all of the frustration out of my system from the day.



I’ve decided to post weekly workouts from now on to keep myself accountable for doing them.  I did post weekly workouts once or twice before, but was embarrassed to post results because I either missed a workout or half-assed did them.

Okay so maybe not 20 years, but in December, January, and February I missed most of my scheduled workouts...

Okay so maybe not 20 years, but in December, January, and February I missed most of my scheduled workouts…


This week’s scheduled workouts/mileage:

Monday:  AM-abwork, PM-easy stretching

Tuesday:  AM-6 miles @ Kiln Creek, PM-lifting

Wednesday:  AM-abwork

Thursday: AM-3 miles around the ‘hood, PM-1000 yd swim

Friday:  AM-abwork, PM-swim and lift

Saturday:  Long walk with the dogs in Williamsburg, Delilah has a 9am vet checkup, so no time for the gym

Sunday: 14 mile long run at the battlefield or in Jamestown

See, the schedule was easily changed due to a vet appointment!  Love it!

So, are you the type of person that needs a workout schedule to follow, or do you just wing it?


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