An Injury?!

Okay so I’m being a little dramatic with the exclamation point up there, but I may have pulled/overused my Achilles on my long run last week.  And BTW, it’s amazing how much free time you have even when you have a very minor injury…

After my long run last week I felt a little “twinge” in my left lower calf/leg area and didn’t think another thing about it, I usually have a little soreness somewhere after my long runs.  Tuesday evening, T and I went out for a 6-miler and bam, around mile 3 my lower leg felt like it was going to explode.  We kept going for the full 6 miles, but immediately afterward I was hobbling back to the car.  I went home and iced and did some major internet diagnosing, I came to the conclusion that I possibly had (a very mild case of) Achilles tendonitis or just a very mild muscle pull/strain.  Or I’m a hypochondriac and out of shape.

I love ice

I love ice

For the entire day on Wednesday, I was in pain and popped Ibuprofen regularly.  By the time I headed to class I was feeling alright and had no pain (just some tightness) for the next two days.  I decided to hold off on running on Thursday just to make sure it was okay, and on Friday I felt like I was back in action.  Wrong.  I made it through 3 miles again, and had (not as severe) pain/pulling sensation in that left lower leg.  We immediately stopped, and headed home.  After icing and showering, I hit the rumble roller.  I hate this thing, I’m a bigger fan of just the regular foam roller, but T was right, this got the kinks out of my Achilles in a hurry.

Mr. Rumble Roller, looks painful eh?

Mr. Rumble Roller, looks painful eh?

I’ve been following the treatment regimen since Tuesday and I’m happy to report that on today’s very slow 3 miler I had no pain at all.  I’ll do a 2-mile test run tomorrow, then hopefully I’ll be back in business!  Amazing how quickly the body heals itself with proper treatment and rest.  Last year at this time, I had some major IT band issues, and just kept running until I ended up taking most of the summer off due to pain.  Also, due to the quickness of healing, I think I just tweaked something in my lower leg, no tendonitis, no muscle pull.

So with all this free time this weekend what did I get to do?

Took Delilah to her 6 month check up...3 shots...the day before her 5th birthday...yep, I'm that kinda mama

Took Delilah to her 6 month check up…3 shots…the day before her 5th birthday…yep, I’m that kinda mama…

I swam TWICE this week...1000 yd on Thursday before class, 1250 yd Saturday afternoon

I swam TWICE this week…1000 yd on Thursday before class, 1250 yd Saturday afternoon

Made more breakfast burritos

Made more breakfast burritos

And of course I did homework, but that’s not picture-worthy.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!


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