Outdoor Yoga and a Lunchtime Run

After finishing up some work yesterday, I took the time to do a quick 15 minutes of yoga.  I forgot how good it felt, and even better?  The weather was so nice I did it out on the patio.

Yoga on the patio, the mat is pretty cushioned so the concrete isn't as bad as it looks

Yoga on the patio, the mat is pretty cushioned so the concrete isn’t as bad as it looks

There was a little chill to the air, so I donned my grippy toe socks and did the Exercise TV Yogaworks Beginner’s class that I bought off of iTunes.



I definitely recommend this video for anyone wanting to start practicing yoga and wants to do it at home.  The gal that leads the class really explains each move without being too elementary about it.  It’s a nice medium-paced video, and there is one girl off to the side that does modified poses for those that need more support for their knees, shoulders, etc…I usually do about the first 10-15 minutes to just get a good stretch in.  Yesterday I did the first  15 minutes of the video before dinner, and this evening after work I did the first 10 minutes just to relax.  The total running time is about 45 minutes.

This morning I welcomed the day with the first arms workout of the Fitness and Feta 30-day arms challenge….pyramid pushups—LOVED the workout—but whew it was tough!

Today at work I had some extra time, so instead of waiting until after work to do my 2-miler to test my leg, I did it during lunch.  Anticipating this extra time today, I packed a bag with all my essentials for working out at work: shoes, shorts, sports bra, shirt, toe socks, baby wipes, face wash, deodorant, and a towel. All crammed into the little cinch bag I got at the Hot Chocolate 15k last month.


Yep, I’m the bag lady at my office.  I usually carry my giant lunch bag (pictured above in green), my little purse, and my backpack on school days.  What’s one more bag added to the bunch?

12:30p hit and I was out the door pounding the pavement for 2 miles—pain-free!  I ran across the street the the Christopher Newport University campus (CNU) which is lovely to run around.



I hit 2 miles before I got back to the office and wanted to keep going (I technically get an hour lunch break, but usually only take 30 min so I can leave early on one day of the week) but I stopped making sure I didn’t aggravate anything in my leg.

And check out this sweet time…

Very happy, finally getting back down into the sub-9 min miles

Very happy, finally getting back down into the sub-9 min miles

I got back to the office, changed, and promptly got made fun of for my tomato-red face.  Ah the life of a runner 🙂

Opening day = baseball scrub top :)  Go Nationals!

I’m thinking this midday running could come in very handing during marathon training this summer…but today was 65 degrees and sunny….and I got pretty darn sweaty…and summer in Virginia can just be plain brutal when it comes to humidity.

Any tips for running in the middle of the workday when you work in an office with no showers?  


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