A New Job

I love that I’m sitting outside in 70 degree and sunny weather blogging, this could become a regular thing for me!


The past two weeks have been all sorts of stressful thanks to work-related issues.  I normally don’t talk about work too much on my blog because you never know who’s going to read it, but since my blog is about running and healthy eating, I might as well discuss why I haven’t been doing much of either.

When I got back from Seattle, the physician I work with (who is the best I’ve ever worked with-no joke) let me know she was going to move onto be a hospitalist, basically a physician that primarily works out of the hospital, and doesn’t have their own practice.  I was actually really excited at the time because it was a perfect opportunity to leave the office to go work part time so I can work on my degree.  Since then I had been spending countless hours looking at the health system’s job site, Indeed.com, Simplyhired.com, etc looking for a part-time office job that I would work my school schedule around.  Sadly, there were none; just nursing home jobs and I really don’t care for that at all.  A couple of weeks went by and I saw a float pool position for an LPN within the health system I currently work in, and after thinking about the pros (make my own schedule, pay increase!!) and cons (no benefits, hours aren’t particularly guaranteed), I applied.  Shortly after I applied for the job, my office manager said there was a possibility for me to continue on part-time at my current office after Dr. S left, so I kept that open as an option too.  Without getting into too much detail, my office had to cut a position and a half–meaning the MA working with me was cut from our office (but they placed her at another nearby office so she wasn’t jobless) and that part-time position was no longer available.  That same day, Dr. S announced to the office she would be leaving at the end of June–shit got real at that point–“OMG I’m not going to have a job.”  Float pool emailed me to schedule an interview about 4 days prior to this and I was holding out for the position at my current office.  Well as soon as I found out there wasn’t a position, I called to schedule the interview.  I interviewed on thursday and yesterday I got an offer that I gladly accepted.  I’ll be starting my new gig May 20th, so in about 5 weeks.  I’m super-excited for this, I like to learn new things, and even though I won’t be staying in the nursing field for my career, you never know what your going to learn that may be helpful elsewhere.  Sorry for the word vomit, it’s just how it happened.

All of that being said, I’ve been slacking off on my workouts.  I’ve been doing everything but working out: gardening, baking, sleeping too much, shopping, etc…. A 14-mile run last weekend turned into a 6-mile run plus a 6-mile run/walk.  I haven’t made time for yoga, foam rolling, lifting, so my legs just feel so weak and my IT bands have been bothering me.  Instead of getting up and going for a morning run, I’ve been getting up and searching for jobs or sleeping in because I’ve been so stressed about it I couldn’t sleep.  I’ve gained a few pounds from stress eating.  I just can’t seem to get anything in order.  And oh yeah, there’s that school thing too–which is the least of my worries right now because I’m actually doing well in my math class!

Well, now that I have a job lined up, I’m ready to get back on the workout train.  Tomorrow I have a 6-mile run scheduled, followed by a date with this guy:

Trigger Point Cold Roller

Trigger Point Cold Roller

I’ll review it after tomorrow after the pain subsides.

And a special thanks goes to T, he has been more than supportive through this whole ordeal.  Regular running blogging will commence this week, I promise.


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