DNS.  Did not start. I’ve had two.  One in 2010, and one in 2012.  In 2010 I had a pretty bad cold and didn’t want to run a 10k in 30 degrees and pouring rain, last year, I was totally unprepared for the Patriot Sprint Tri–so I backed out.

Now, I’ll have three.

This year, due to once again being ill-prepared, nagging IT bands, and I’ll admit, pure laziness, I (and T) have decided to back out of the Bel Monte 25k.  I was super excited about this race up until T and I went out for 14 miles last Sunday nd only made it six.  He definitely would’ve completed the entire run, but I was struggling–hard.  Once we stopped to walk, I voiced my concerns about the 25k, how last year when I ran too many races I wasn’t able to run for most of the summer and gained a lot of weight (that I” still struggling to get off) back.  He also mentioned that the weekend we would go away for this race (4/19) is a good weekend to get in study time for finals coming up soon.  T also brought up that his foot has been bothering him.  We made our decision, we will not be running the Bel Monte 25k.  I felt bad it for about 5 minutes, then realized it was a pretty smart decision.

Which brings me to my next race:  The Delaware Half Marathon on May 12th.  I’m not expecting a PR, but my goal is to run at a 9 minute/mile pace.  Training starts tomorrow with a 6-miler.


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