Trigger Point Cold Roller Review

Good afternoon!

Today was the first day of my half marathon training plan (I’m making it up as I go): 6 glorious miles-completed!  Everything felt good.  Just very very minimal IT band soreness between miles 5 and 6, but nothing that made me want to just stop.

After the run, and after taking my car through the car wash to have all the pollen washed off of it, I returned home to this bad ass roller:

Trigger Point Cold Roller

Trigger Point Cold Roller

I love the Trigger Point orange roller, but it’s a little too mushy for me–great for non-running days through.  And the Cold Roller has an added bonus:  it’s cold!  So instead of rolling then icing then showering, I got two things done at once!  Very happy about this because I like to wash the stink/pollen off of me as soon as possible.

Nice and frosty

Nice and frosty


Yes, it’s very cold.  No, you shouldn’t stay on one part of your leg for too long at the risk of frostbite–actual instructions.  But it is effective, thus far.  I usually do about 20 rolls per leg, with this one I did 10….partly because it was so damn cold.  I like that it is stainless steel, so it’s good for a long, long time…unlike regular foam rollers that can get mushy after using a lot.

Smiling through the pain

Smiling through the pain

That brings me to the price of this amazing roller:  I got it on Amazon for about $95.  Pricey?  Yes, but buying a foam roller or two per year adds up after a while.


We’ll see how it works in time, of course I can’t give a review about that now.  But I’m fully confident it will help with my IT band issues, as well as Achilles problems.

**Disclaimer, I was not paid/reimbursed for this review, I’m just reviewing the product because I felt like it**


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