Four Months

Four months from today, I turn 30.



I’m actually excited for my 30s, but my main goal of 2013 was to be in shape by the time I turn 30.  I have four months to get my ass in gear and shape up.

Currently, I weigh: 153 lbs.

I do have a goal weight, but more importantly, I want to be toned and strong.  My goal weight is 140 by August 15th, and that’s about where I plan to stop, but we’ll see what happens.  I’ve gotten below that before, but it was crazy-hard to maintain and I didn’t have any muscles.

Here’s the plan:

Weightlifting 3x/week—this is my weakness.  I love to run, I don’t care for weightlifting so much.

Running 3-4x/week–easy peasy–marathon training starts in June

Yoga 1-2x/week—I love yoga, but I need to actually do it.

Cycling when time permits, get at least 2-3, 30+ miles in before the tri in August

Swimming 1-2x/week–again, need to do this for the upcoming tri in August

Transition Large Oval(1)Source

As for my eating, I know what I need to do.  Make my own food, and eat it.  No extras at work (candy is still floating around from V-Day and Easter, and we have at least 3-4 drug rep lunches per week now–and I am not one to resist a brownie).  Enjoy a splurge once a week (like when we go out, or I make a treat at home), but not a couple times a week.  Lay off the Starbucks drinks–this will also help my wallet stay fatter.

It’s simple:



I plan on blog more about my daily meals and workouts–warning–it may get boring because T and I prep food for the week then eat the same thing for lunch and dinner Monday though Thursday, it’s cost effective.

Here’s to turing 30 as healthy as I can be!


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