What I Ate Wednesday

{i’ve been quiet over the past week because finals are coming up and it’s been a non-stop study session}

Yesterday was the very first of many training runs for Mount Desert Island (MDI) in October.Β  The original plan started in June, but I’m just getting a head start since this spring has been slow going when it comes to running.Β  T and I went running in a neighborhood near the YMCA, we did 3 miles in 27:11, then went to the Y to lift afterward.


Today’s eats:

Oatmeal, strawberries, and green tea

Image-4carrots and peanut butter

Image-5salad with low-fat parm ranch dressing, a hard-boiled egg, rice crackers, and 2 oz cheddar cheese

Image-7almonds and peanut butter m&ms

*not pictured: an apple and cheddar cheese before swimming

Imagecheesy brussels sprouts and chicken sausage, find recipe here

today’s workout:

swimming–total 700 yds

100 x4, 12 breaths between 100s

50 x4, 8 breaths between 50s

25 x4, 4 breaths between 25s

Study break at the Y

Study break at the Y



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