Good morning!

Long time no talk!  It has been quite busy the past couple of weeks…I’m starting my new job tomorrow, started summer semester classes yesterday, and went to Delaware for a half marathon (will write a race report soon).   I’ve also just been enjoying time off with T, even though we are both working, neither of us have had classes so it was nice to spend time together in the evening.  I’ve also been regularly strength training and swimming for the past two weeks—-a small but significant deal for me.

I saw this post on the Peanut Butter Fingers blog a few days ago, and thought it would be a good way to catch up.

Currently Reading:


Not a book, but catching up on magazines I’ve been neglecting while I was taking classes.  Health is my favorite, but I’ve also grown to like Oxygen after flipping through one at Walgreens.  I always thought it was just for bodybuilder types, but there are some really good workouts in there!

Currently Listening to:


Right now as I type this, I’m listening to the latest Sporkful podcast.  Oh so tasty.  Other good podcasts?  Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, Slate’s Table to Farm, and The Dinner Party.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

The two mini Snickers T puts in my lunchbox everyday.  Also, the Lululemon ‘We Made Too Much’ page.  I recently scored two tank tops for $24 each, such a steal.


Current Nail Color:

Nada. My job has pretty strict nail grooming rules.  If I could wear nail polish daily, it would likely be Essie Mademoiselle.


Current Drink:

Water.  Almost always water 🙂


Current Favorite TV Show:

Well we just bought the last season of Archer on iTunes…so that’s the TV show of the moment now….and it’s hilarious.



Current Wish List:

A triathlon bra top that actually has good support!  Zoot is out.  I’m tempted to try the Shock Absorber brand…any suggestions?

Current Needs:

A bike ride.  I got fitted to my bike 2 weeks ago and I’m dying to try it out!  Weather has not been on my side.

New orange handlebar tape. Love it.

New orange handlebar tape. Love it.

Current Indulgence:

Well I already ate it but it was the cannoli that T brought back from Boston on Thursday (he had a business trip).

Current Blessing:

The ability to work part time and go to school full time (this fall).  So my part time postion started today, however, I only have weekends and maybe 4-5 days off between now and August.  I signed up for extra shifts because I’m only taking two classes this summer…but starting in August only three days of work for me!

Exercise and Nutrition online class :)

Exercise and Nutrition online class 🙂

Speaking of blessings, my former coworkers are just great.  Dr. S, A, K, V and S (in particular) made my last day extra special.



Balloons from V!

Balloons from V!

A card signed by the office staff

A card signed by the office staff

Current Outfit:

An Exofficio tank top and comfy sweatpants.  Yep, being extra lazy this morning.

Current Excitement:





Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon in two weeks!  The start line is about 10 minutes from my mom’s house, so it means a visit home and running in one of the most beautiful parts of Virginia!


I’m hoping to finally stick to blogging more than once a week, and more blogging about running…stay tuned!




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