Spring Cleaning

I’ve taken a little hiatus from blogging over the past couple week so I could get it together.  I had too much on my plate, and unfortunately (because I use this as an outlet/way to improve my awful writing skills) blogging had to be pushed to the side.

Now that my first week of my new job has passed, first week of summer semester has come and gone, and I’ve started regularly working out again I feel like a new person.

In order to get my eating back on track, over the past three days I’ve done a diet cleanse published in the June issue of Women’s Running, based on the book The Plan.


The article is titled: “Spring Cleansing” and while the subtitle says “Want to drop a bit of extra weight in a jiffy?,” I didn’t utilize this cleanse as a weight loss plan.  I used it to get back to eating whole, healthier foods, because for the past several months it has felt like I couldn’t get control of my eating.  I stopped doing What I Ate Wednesday, because quite frankly that’s the only day I would stick to my meal plan, and it felt dishonest.  I would still eat the same thing all week, however on any given Monday or Thursday–a Starbucks treat or a cookie from the office kitchen when things got stressful.


Back to the cleanse.  The whole point of the plan is to eliminate foods that trigger an inflammatory response int he gastrointestinal tract, and about “slowing down and listening to your body”.  The article claims you can lose up to five pounds during the three-day cleanse, and while I didn’t do that (and think it’s crazy to believe one could lose five pounds in three days), I did learn that I need to drink more water during the day-I averaged 80 oz per day, I don’t need to have a treat after every meal, and that I love breakfast, and bowl of flax granola doesn’t cut it for me.

Meet my bestie: H20

Meet my bestie: H20

watermelon <3

watermelon ❤

I also didn’t follow the plan exactly.  I had soy milk with the flax granola (instead of rice milk), I also had watermelon with breakfast and for snacks (not even on the plan), and I don’t like pears so I just had apples instead.

Added a pink lemonade Nuun to my post run water--not cleanse approved but it was a sweaty 6-miler.

Added a pink lemonade Nuun tab to my post run water–not cleanse approved but it was a sweaty 6-miler.

So here’s how the plan works–

You eat three meals a day with one snack.  Also, you can eat unlimited seeds and vegetables, so there’s really no deprivation.  The meals average 1800 calories per day, so it’s a healthy daily calorie intake. I’m not sure if I was eating 1800 calories daily, I definitely felt like it was a lot less than 1800, but maybe it’s because I was previously eating more than that…who knows.  And finally, it is recommended that you do the cleanse when you’re not running long distances–I really wanted to get this done before official marathon training starts next week, so it was perfect timing when I got the magazine in the mail.

Chicken, veggies, and rice

Chicken, veggies, and rice

The recipes are really easy too (and the reheat very well, which is important in this household).

I’ll share my favorite:

Carrot Ginger Soup 

1.5 lbs carrots

1 zucchini

1 onion

1 liter water

3 cloves garlic

Raw ginger, cinnamon, cumin, and black pepper to taste

Chop veggies and simmer with spices in water until soft.  Add vegetables to blender with half of soup stock and blend.  Serve hot, topped with sunflower seeds.

Carrot soup

Carrot soup..and a lot of sunflower seeds

I wasn’t exactly sure how many servings this made, but it made enough for T and I to have two large servings each.

So was I satisfied with the results?  Well, I actually stuck with something for the duration of the plan (yes it was only three days, but baby steps…baby steps), I realized I don’t need sweets all of the time, and I rekindled my love of watermelon.  I also learned something about portion size. Oh and bonus: even though I wasn’t doing this for weight loss, I ended up losing 2.2 pounds.

In June I’ll be doing Run to the Finish’s Lean and Clean Challenge, I’m actually excited about this because you rate how clean you eat on a scale of 1-5 daily and discover the best way of eating for you–there’s no set plan, I love it.  There’s still time to sign up (it’s now $28 to register)–the challenge starts June 3rd.

(I couldn’t find the article online to link to my page, but like I said above it’s found in the Women’s Running June 2013 issue).


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