Weekly Workouts 5/26-6/2

I’m trying something new:  if I can only get one post written in a week, this will be it.  A rundown of my week in workouts.  Enjoy!


Normally I track my workouts Monday through Sunday, but this time, I wanted to add last Sunday’s workout: my first brick!

It was a short one, a 10 mile bike ride—finally, my first outdoor bike ride of the season, and a 3 mile run over at the Yorktown Battlefield.  Yes, my legs felt like jello, but it was such a good workout.  Saturdays will now be brick days until after we both do our first triathlons later this summer (mine is in August-my 30th birthday gift to myself, and T’s is in September).  And since we’re both training for sprint triathlons, the run afterward will likely be no longer than 4-6 miles, but the plan is to try to be speedy.


Long run day: 6 miles at Kiln Creek.  Legs felt like lead for the first 3 miles, then they shook out and it was a good run.

Total time:


Rest day


3 mile disaster run.  First run this summer in the real heat.  Ended up walking about 0.5 miles.  But as T said:  at least we got out there, and a bad run is better than no run.  Agreed.


Rest day


1 mile run around my Mom’s hood to shake out the legs.  Didn’t use my Garmin because I know it’s a 1 mile loop—well 1.1 to be exact.


Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon.  80 degrees by 8am—it was a scorcher! Will do a race report soon, slow time (one of my slowest ever) but I ran (well run/walked it) it smart and achieved all of my goals:  I stayed hydrated, I finished, and most importantly—I had fun!


Supposed to be a recovery day/rest day, but I really wanted to get a swim in this week.


Miles running: 26.26 miles

Miles cycling: 10 miles

Distance swam:  500 yards

Minutes strength training: 0

Minutes doing yoga: 0


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