Review: GapFit Motion Racer Tank

I’ve finally gotten to run/workout in all kinds of weather in the GapFit Motion Racer tank, so now I feel like I can write a product review.  In no way am I being compensated for this post, I’m just voicing my opinion on the tank top, I purchased the tank tops on my own.

I’ve got a mixed review on this one:

The bottom line:  This tank top is ridiculously comfortable at a great price, and is best for running in less humid weather–think in the temps in the 60-70s and also in the gym while lifting.




So, here are the details: the tops retail for $29.95 at regular price, but there’s always some colors on sale and there’s almost always a Gap coupon at the top of their page.  I have three of them, in black, violet, and blue.

While they are very comfortable, they aren’t as moisture wicking as I would’ve like it to be.  They can definitely take a slightly sweaty workout, but not a half marathon in the upper 80s with a ton of humidity.  It got to the point were it felt so heavy because it was drenched in sweat.  I had high hopes for these tanks for summer running, but sadly no longer.

Racer tank in black

Racer tank in black

However, for runs in perfect weather and lifting, I would wear it.  Soft and stretchy, it just feels good (when dry).  And the price is right.

So, would I recommend this the Motion Racer tank?  I would say yes, but only for light workouts.


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